Pallavi Subhash happy to be part of Aathvaan Vachan..

Pallavi Subhash who recently entered Sony's Aathvaan Vachan will have a love track with Aadesh in future...

Pallavi Subhash who plays the ever-fighting Gauri in Karam Apnaa Apnaa has recently entered the Sony show, Aathvaan Vachan, where she plays a widow.

Talking about her role, Pallavi states, "I play the role of Sneha who has returned from USA after the demise of her husband. Aadesh (Vishal Singh) and Sneha are childhood friends, and there is a past to them wherein Aadesh was in love with Sneha. But even before he could propose to her, Sneha would have announced the news of her marriage, which ultimately left Aadesh disappointed".

"She is back in Aadesh's life after 10 long years, but she is totally a different person by nature now. Sneha who used to be very bubbly and happy-go-lucky has now turned to be the very quiet and timid girl", explains the actress.

The future track will see Aadesh, Sneha and Urmi (Vinny Arora) becoming thick friends. Asked whether there is a love track planned between Sneha and Aadesh, Pallavi quips, "Yes, there will be a love track between them. In fact, as the story progresses it will be Urmi who will try her best to unite the best friends".

"It is very nice to play such a different character. The concept of the show is also refreshing. Mine is a long-running role and will be a positive character throughout", adds Pallavi.

The actress though is very sad that Karam Apnaa Apnaa is likely to end in March. "Though we have not got any official confirmation, I have heard that the show will get to a logical end on March 27th. I will certainly miss the show and the unit members too", avers she.

For now, Pallavi is thrilled to be part of Aathvaan Vachan…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Pallavi Subhash

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Comments (16)

wowwwwwwwwww....this is fab waiting for her

15 years ago

thanxx soo sad kaa is gonna end!!!! but happy 2 kno pallavi is gonna b in Aathvaan Vachan....gonna miss Gauri a lot Nwayz best of luck......

15 years ago

pallavi is a great actress
hope she does well.

15 years ago

i feel very happy to see pallavi aka gauri in another showw!! wohh she s so talented yaar

15 years ago

love u pallavi aka gauri.....always luv to see as gauri!!!

she luk sooooooo nice in da picture!!!

15 years ago

im soooo glad that she''s getting more offers..i thought KAA would be the end of Pallavi..but soo happy for her..she seriously is one of the most underrated actresses of tellywood...I wish she gets the attention she deserves..Im hoping to see her in more roles....i wish her all the best in her future endeavors and a bright future :

15 years ago

CongraTxx.. yeah agree wid ya amritarocks.. she looked good in a bitchy villain role in KS!!!

15 years ago

Thanks for sharing!
I liked her role in KS! She did a good job!

15 years ago

i m very happy from monday i will start watching this show

15 years ago

i''m so happy she''s got a good break. she''s one talented and beautiful actress.

15 years ago

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