Pallavi Joshi can't see herself in saas bahu..

The actress will be seen as a guest in Sahara One's Ghar Ek Sapna in a similar way as in Om Shanti Om...

Pallavi Joshi is all set for her cameo role in Sahara One's Ghar Ek Sapna. Well the show is all set for Rishabh's (Harsh Chhaya) house warming party and will see many celebrities on the floor. Pallavi is one of them who will be seen after a long time in a Hindi show.

"I'm producing Marathi shows these days and I can't see my self doing dailies from morning 9 to night 10 pm. Two things will happen if I opt for Hindi dailies, either my children will stop recognizing me or when they grow up, I will not know of what they have become," says Pallavi.

Is it like you don't want to be seen in saas-bahu sagas? "Yes, that is another reason. I could not find a role for me in these soaps. Earlier, the serials that I have done had some moral issues and messages. In saas bahu saga there are roles which are not properly defined," she quips.

"When your role starts and when it will end is difficult to predict, as in these dailies no one has idea of how long a particular show will run. Besides that, it's difficult for me to understand these never ending things. Thus if the character is not defined, then I cannot say yes," she adds further.

Talking about her stint in Ghar Ek Sapna which is similar to the sequence of Om Shanti Om, she states, "Its a good concept and Ajay and Sangeeta are good friends of mine. Thus when they called me for a guest appearance, I could not say no. It was good to meet old friends there like Seema Bhargav, Maninee De Mishra and others."

Though now the trend has been changing. Is there any possibility of you coming back to TV? "If the weekly shows return, and I get a chance to be in it, then surely. But looking at the current situation of mine, I don't think I would opt for any shows," she concludes.

Pallavi Joshi has been part of path breaking shows like Alpviram, and was also seen anchoring Zee's Antakshari..

Those were the days gone by… Don't know whether they will return or not!!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (13)

I''d like to see her back too. And I prefer the weekly format as well. These daily soaps are more about quantity than quality. Hopefully, things will improve some day.

14 years ago

i luved her show Aarohan n her characters in Bharat Ek Khoj. hope to c her back.

14 years ago

@simran1285: So agree with you! I have loved most of the shows you i wish he golden days of Doordarshan were back again. The TRP system has destroyed all content on Hindi channels.

14 years ago

whatever project she takes up is always just superb...
i have seen her serials Arohan, Alpviram, justju.. and ya offcourse antakshari...
she indeed one of the finest tv actress...

14 years ago

i uesd to loved her show called kehana hai kuch mujko, she a so good in that one...
would love to see her back
she is an awesum actress

14 years ago

It is so goooooooood to see you on tv after a very long time. I still miss seeing you on tv. I started watching you since Mrignaini and have always liked all your shows.

14 years ago

I was very young when I watched her show Alpviram and loved her character in the show. She is one of the best actress of Television.

14 years ago

i know roneeta! liked her in taht show on sony! it was great!

14 years ago

It has been long time i watched her last time on TV!!

14 years ago

Gosh it has truly been ages since I have seen her, awesome actress I used to watch her in antakshari some 10-15 years ago with Anu ji

14 years ago

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