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Pakhi provokes Virat; Sai gets emotional in ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’

While Devi asks Virat to take care of Sai and treat him well, Virat is in no mood to hear anything about her. Meanwhile Pakhi tries to provoke Virat in the upcoming episodes of Star Plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’.

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Sai, Virat and Pakhi

Courtesy : Ayesha, Neil and Aishwarya's Instagram

Star plus show ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ is getting quite intriguing with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Sai finally deciding to leave Chavan house and Nagpur and return to Gadchiroli. She has only informed Pulkit and Devi about the same. In the previous episode, Devi confronted Virat and also told her about Sai’s decision. Virat remained unaffected by the same. Pakhi jumped into the conversation and supported Virat.

In the upcoming episode, Devi tells Virat that whenever she is upset her husband Pulkit sticks by her side and Virat should do the same. She also tells him about the times that Sai stood for her. Virat tries to explain his side to Devi. Pakhi interferes and tells Devi that she should support her brother and not Sai. Devi asks Pakhi to not come in between her and Virat. Virat asks Devi to not speak rudely with Pakhi as she is Samrat’s wife. Pakhi tells her that she isn’t a Chavan anymore and she shouldn’t speak in their family matters. Virat does not say anything to Pakhi but keeps on being angry with Devi.

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Sai goes to meet Shivani. They both talk. Sai hugs her and asks her to not change even one bit, Shivani tells her the same thing. Pakhi returns to her room and speaks with Samrat about a trip to Mahableshwar. She feels that Virat might get affected if she goes to Mahableshwer with her husband Samrat and he might feel jealous about her moving on. Samrat states that they should go along with the entire family. He asks Pakhi to check with Sai’s schedule. This irks Pakhi.

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No.1StarPlusFan 2 months ago One of the best shows on ITV. Mai totally ghum hoon iss show kay pyaar meiin.
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