Oops! When the OTHER Karan was mistakenly tagged as Karan Singh Grover for his anniversary

There are just too many Karans in the industry out there.

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If you have been an ardent TV watcher for all these years, then there is a sure chance that you have either had major problems or have ended up goofing, if your favourite TV actor's first name is Karan.

Yeah! I mean there are just so many Karans out there in the industry, that there is a certain task involved at times in an ode to find the right 'Karan' online for the fans atleast.

Karan Patel, Karan Wahi, Karan Singh Grover, Karan Veer Mehra, Karan Jotwani etc etc. The list is uber long for sure.

However, it seems that this confusion went on to become a major mistake for one of the Instagram pages, where they went on tag the WRONG Karan for an anniversary post about Karan Singh Grover and wife, Bipasha Basu.

As known, day before yesterday marked Karan and Bipasha's 2nd marriage anniversary, and they were living it up and celebrating in Goa. About the same, an Instagram page posted their picture and tagged the duo's Instagram accounts.

However, they made a mistake and tagged the wrong Karan, and that Karan was none other than Karan Singhmar, who is best known for his role in Colors' Ek Shringaar - Swabhimaan.

This was seen by Karan Singhmar, but he took in good fun and jest, where he joked about it too-

We hope the mistake was rectified later though!

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Bipasha Basu

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Karan Veer Mehra

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Karan Patel

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Karan Singh Grover

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Karan Wahi

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Karan Jotwani

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Karan Vohra

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Ek Shringaar -Swabhimaan

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Commenting Here For Karan Vohra

6 years ago

Commentionly for Karan Vohra who is my ultimate favorite Karan of the lot

6 years ago

Commenting for Karan Vohra
Karan Vohra is the best

6 years ago

Commenting for Karan Vohra..!
Lots of Love for him

6 years ago

It's too funny... commenting here for Karan Vohra

6 years ago

From.all.the karans ... Karan Vohra is the best

6 years ago

Karan Vohra is the best . Love you shaurya khanna

6 years ago

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