One hour episode of Pavitra Rishtha this Thursday..

Zee's Pavitra Rishtha will see its first one hour special episode this Thursday wherein Archana's marriage is called off...

Zee TV's Pavitra Rishtha, produced by Balaji Telefilms will have a one hour Special Episode this Thursday, June 25th which will see a major twist with Archana's (Ankita Lokhande) marriage with Satish being called off.

According to our source, "The attempts of Rasika, Manjusha's mom to stop Archana's marriage from happening finally bears fruit when Satish and his family are forced to believe that Archana is into prostitution".

Elaborating on the story line, our source quips, "It so happens that Archana gets a call from an unknown person that one of her sisters has met with an accident, and she has to come to a particular address to take her along. Archana rushes to the said place, where Satish is also brought by the anonymous caller to check out on Archana's adultery. The place happens to be a brothel, and Archana enters it unknowingly. At the same time, a police raid also happens and the girl's image is totally tarnished. All this eventually leads to Satish and his family breaking off relations".

The coming episodes will focus on Archana crying over her ill luck. "Archana will be so heartbroken that she decides to hang herself, but is saved at the right moment by her brother Vinod. Meanwhile, Manav (Sushant Singh Rajput), the silent lover of Archana also gets to know that there is someone who wants to spoil Archana's image", adds our source.

Will Manav help out Archana in her struggle?

All this and more in Pavitra Rishtha…  

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (32)

my best friend riya sees this program.i knoe she is sooo attached 2 dis program as i am 2 she is gonna b sad.

14 years ago

This Show Is Realli Depressin and Sad..I Want Sum Fun in It Now..Poor Girl! :( And Manav Betta Help...But Feel Sad 4 Him In The Show! :(

14 years ago

oh no poor archana
btw isnt ankita lokhwande a part of zee cinestars...i mean she was the 04 version.

14 years ago

all, feel soo bad for her!! she is soo sweet!

14 years ago

great i hope they shoe sushant getting married to herrrrrrrrrrrrrr

14 years ago

thanx for da info, i really like da show.

14 years ago

i like this show its very nice . I never knew this was balaji telefilms because it does not start with KKKKK haahahahahahahahahha

14 years ago

Oh Gosh... Never expecting this...
But... Manav is there for her...

14 years ago

i luv tha show cnt wait!
Manav iz a sweetheart!

14 years ago

it's an Ekta show...this is bound to happen...nothing new!

14 years ago

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