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On the sets of Doli Saja Ke with Barkha and Amit!

A behind the scenes sneak peek at the sets of 'Doli Saja ke' with exclusive chit-chat with the lead couple, pictures and a very special video message from the lead actor!

Published: Tuesday,May 29, 2007 18:31 PM GMT-06:00
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With all the channels competing with each other for the top spot, Sahara One is an up-and-coming channel that is worth watching out for! With a very interesting line-up of fresh shows, the channel promises great entertainment to its audience.
On the sets of Doli Saja Ke with Barkha and Amit!


'Doli Saja Ke' is one of the recent shows from this channel and has managed to impress thousands of people with its simplicity. As our reporter Anju goes down to the sets of Doli Saja Ke, she brings back breathtaking interviews with the lead couple of the show, exclusive pictures from behind the scenes and a very special video message for India-Forums!


Read on for special interviews with the lead jodi, Barkha Bisht (Anupama) and Amit Sareen (Chetanya) as they tell us more about their lives and their characters! Accompanying their special interviews are some very exclusive never-seen-before pictures and a very exclusive message from Amit Sareen!


The elegant and classy Barkha Bisht, playing the role of the shy Anupama in Doli Saja ke, has wowed millions of people with her dusky beauty and talent. Here is a close look at the pretty lass in a special chit-chat.
  How has the phase been from Pyar ke do Naam to Doli Saja ke?
The phase has been very challenging as in Pyat ke do Naam, I was playing three different characters: A girl of today, a doctor, and a village girl, so I was eased out. And here I am playing a role extremely different from what I truly am. DSK has been the most challenging role. It is about a girl who is timid and tortured, a character who we don’t see now a days so it is a little challenging.

On the sets of Doli Saja Ke with Barkha and Amit!

How has it been anchoring?
It was really cool because I got to be myself in it.

What would you rather do, anchoring or acting?
I wish I could do both but I’ve made my choice, I want to do acting.

Why do we see female protagonist in dismay on Indian television? Why aren’t they strong headed?
Honestly, its not like that. Protagonists are not weak. They are girls next door: Parvati, Tulsi, Pari from , they are all strong. And Anupama is a weak character compared to the others.

Will we see a change in her character soon?
I hope so, we’ll have to wait and watch. Yet, she won't ever be negative. Her shyness and her innocence will never go away. But yes, she might be a little strong. Lets see.

Any new projects lined up? Movies? Theatre?
Umm...I am not really into films. I am very happy with television. I’m not really interested in being a film star. And as far as theater goes, I haven’t ever thought about it.

A message for your fans at IF
Really have to say that everyone there really rocks. They manage to get pictures and info of me from God knows where. They are such dedicated fans and I really appreciate them for this.

Playing the role of the sweet and supporting Chetanya, Amit Sareen has yet again proven himself as a talented actor. From Kkusum to Kyunki.. to Doli Saja Ke, this actor has proven his versatility more than once.
On the sets of Doli Saja Ke with Barkha and Amit!
India-Forums presents a very special video message from the young star for all members of India-Forums!

Here is a transcript of the special chit-chat with the gifted actor:


Talking about your character in Kkusum, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi and Doli Saja Ke. You were on a break for quite a lot of time post your exit in Kyunki, how has the whole phase been?

Well, Its been wonderful

Are you creatively satisfied at the point in time?

Its too early to talk about it as I’ve just started my career. I am far, far away from achieving my goal. I’m still striving to do better roles and better characters. I’ve certainly not achieved creative satisfaction till now.

One dream role that you would want to play? TV has changed, characters have changed so you never know what is going to click. As an actor, you would like to associate yourself to something very fresh and happening.

What made you opt for the role in DSK? I love the character Chetanya. There is nothing drastic. He is a lover boy who is here in Anupama’s life. He is for the protagonist. She is going through all the odds in her life and here a guy who comes to help her out and tells her that, "look there is no one better than you and everything you do is wonderful". Chetanya supports her no matter what and that I guess is what makes her fall in love with him. One line what I really liked about the character is that he is a major part of the story. Unlike all the time where the men in Indian television are sidelined, here he himself comes in the picture and moves the story around. He is very positive and full of life. That is one thing that I can relate to. See if you can't relate to what you’re doing, then you will fail.
On the sets of Doli Saja Ke with Barkha and Amit!
Is that what happened in Kyunki? You couldn’t relate to playing a 20 year old’s father.

Yes, in fact that is exactly what happened. And I have been very vocal about it. I could not and I didn’t even want to associate with that character so I was not mentally prepared. My perception at that time didn’t let me take up the role of a father. I wasn’t too excited and all of that started showing in my acting and I didn’t want those elements to effect me.

Lastly, when we will see a change in Indian television where not only do we see family problems on the show but something more. Don’t you think there need to be a revolution where even male characters should be as protagonist?

(laughs) I wish it can change soon. There is no need for something to be drastically different but something like the male lead and female lead moving together. I hope that in time to come, the new shows coming up will emerge strongly. Its high time we see a difference. Hopefully the producers will think of something new. But then again, we cant change all of a sudden as we need to give audience the time to adjust to the change. One also needs to pay attention to the audience we’re catering to. We need to show something that people can relate to, something that happens in the day to day life. Life is changing, perceptions are changing, so yes, I am sure things will start working out soon.

Any films in line?

I do wish to see my self on the sliver screen. So hopefully with luck and hard work, I’ll see my self there.

Well, we wish you the very best and hope to see you on the big screen soon.

Oh thank-you so much.
With the two good-looking and talented stars as the lead couple, this show is definitely worth watching! We wish the two stars all the very best with their roles and lives as we continue to bring you more behind the scenes gupshup with your favourite stars so stay tuned!



Reporter: Hiral Bhatt

Contact Author: virgo_stars, anju0930

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dipti @Cool_Dipti 16 years ago This show is Mindblowing!!!..Excellent Actors..speechless acting..heart-breaking twists and unpredictable destiny!..Now we just have sit glued to out tv sets holding our remote tight and hoping for the best!!!
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