Omi Bhaiyya comes with baraat for Lehar in Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam

With the engagement of Lehar and Abeer being called off, Omi Bhaiyya plans to take full advantage of the situation, and walks in with baraat in COLORS' Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam..

The love story of Abeer (Gaurav Khanna) and Lehar (Yami Gautam) in COLORS and Creative Eye's Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam is going thro' a rough phase with their engagement being called off by the bride's father, after facing all the humiliation coming from Abeer's dad.

Tonight's episode will see huge drama as Omi Bhaiyya (Chandan Anand) takes advantage of the entire situation.

According to our source, "Omi Bhaiyya comes with his troupe with baraat and asks Lehar's dad to give his daughter in marriage to him. He says that nobody will come forward to marry his daughter, now that her engagement has been called off. However, he is willing to accept Lehar as his wife, and is ready to take the 'Daag' on his name".

Tonight's episode will see a major twist wherein Lehar's dad Brij Bhushan Mathur who earlier hated Omi, takes a U-turn and gives his nod for Omi-Lehar marriage. This will actually come across as a shock to the entire family, but they will later be forced to proceed with the wedding preparations.

As per our source, "While on one hand, it will look as though the story is proceeding towards the marriage of Lehar and Omi, one will see Abeer getting stronger. He will end up taking a major decision which will bring a new twist to his love life".

The sequence of Omi bringing in his baraat is expected to air tonight, which will be followed by the wedding preparations. The big twist concerning Abeer is expected to be aired in the coming week.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (47)

@veer - Arre you really think Leher is gonna marry Omi? She ain't yaar.. don't fret.. be patient


13 years ago

Waiting for monday .Gaurav is looking so hot in the promo:))

13 years ago

this is stupid!! they're spoiling the show for me!! not gonna watch it anymore :(

13 years ago

Yes agree with Rahul can't wait for mondayyyyyyy

13 years ago

thanx for d article, so on monday we wil see d omi's baraat, looking forward to abeer's plan n his major decision, CVs we want only leher-abeer marriage on ypnhk

N TB we want interview of GK-Yami on d eve of 100th episode of ypnhk.

@ Mari- omi's avi is lol.

13 years ago

lol Eks-- What also makes me laugh is that when Leher slaps Omi Kul felt he got slapped by her!! IF only!! hehe

13 years ago

Mari .. love the avi! Lol! Zor ka chaanta .. zor se laga! haha! I loved that part!

Now its Abeer's turn to give Omi the 440 volt ka jhatka! lol!

13 years ago

I will stop watching this show if Leher-Omi marriage happens, I guarantee that!

13 years ago

Leher won't marry Omi.. Abeer will come and take his bride!

Yes TB plz get us yami and GK interview plz

13 years ago

TB please we all want to see a GK-yami interview

13 years ago

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