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OBSCENE posts sent in the name of Shah Rukh Khan

Sona Mohapatra and Sapna Bhavnani become victims of virtual harassment.

Published: Friday,Jul 15, 2016 17:11 PM GMT-06:00
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Being a Superstar can sometimes put you in unnecessary troubles and this came evident from the recent social media incident.

In a shocking incident, a twitter user with handle @SRKMyCondom targeted singer Sona Mohapatra and ex Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Bhavnani and trolled them with a vulgar photoshopped image of Shah Rukh Khan.

Speaking to the daily Sapna shared, "I wanted this account to be suspended. Twitter initially told me it was not violating any guidelines. Since I tagged Menaka Gandhi and the Mumbai Police, this user started tagging them too, but it backfired for him. Ever since I spoke out against Salman Khan for his rape comment, I face trolls everyday. But, they don't bother me and I don't block those profiles; I just report them." (sic)

"However, that picture and the tweet was so vile and distasteful, I tagged Meneka Gandhi in the retweet, but there has been no response from her yet." (sic)

Sona Mohapatra, on the other hand retweeted Sapna's tweet and says, "There is a clear line between freedom of expression and targeted obscene harassment and it is critical that community guidelines be followed in the virtual world, just like the real world. I feel bad that Sapna got dragged into this since I had posted a pic of us in the gym and the Salman Khan controversy was still ranging." (sic)

Meanwhile, we tried contacting Shah Rukh Khan, his spokesperson clearly stated that the matter does not concern them and then won't release any statement about it. "The matter does not concern us. Why should we comment on it?"

(Credits: Mid- Day)

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Sana_zee 6 years ago Shah Rukh khan fans are so disgusting. Making fake id's with Salman's names and trying to defame the guy by making vulgar comments to these women. Tsk Tsk.
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samicute 6 years ago Salman fans on twitter are so disgusting,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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pallavi25 6 years ago Salman fans on twitter are so disgusting! Sending morphed vulgar pic of SrK to the 2 ladies who "dared" to criticize Salman's rape comment! This is why India has a rape culture where women are attacked in this disgusting manner for the sake of the most controversial actor!2016-07-15 18:09:05
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iPerfection 6 years ago Good SRK didn't say anything else! Even Salman kept quiet when his fans were abusing Sonam Mohapatra! And they're not the only fanbase nowadays even Varun Sid RK fanbases fight like dogs!!
Social Media is the worst thing happened to these people! It's no longer about loving the idol, defending them, it's all about taking out their frustrations from real life on social media! 10 years ago we didn't need Social Media to prove how big loyal fans we are!! Aaj kal sab kuch chutiyapa hogaya!!

SRK was right when he talked about social media in Barkha interview and how much it makes the youth intolerant!!!! FUCKING MEDIA TWISTED HIS WORDS WHEN ACTUALLY HE SPOKE THE TRUTH and this is THE REALITY! Salman also tweeted alot to tell his fans to behave!!
When actors speak up they get bashed trolled and or boycotted! Why would they react now??!!
SRK Salman many other celebs have started blocking these so called fans!! This is a big shame that actors block these people shows how much f**ked up intolerant people are in the name of FANS! No celeb likes to have such abusive bad-mouthed fans!

2016-07-15 10:04:01
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