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Nivedita Bhattacharya in Action!!

The bad jiji of Saath Phere is back. And this time with a renewed vengeance of hitting the jackpot. Facing rapidfire questions did not affect her a wee bit. Check out what Nivedita Bhattacharya a.k.a. Jiji likes...


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Most embarassing moment: Too embarrased to discussed now!

Most favourite cuisine: Ghar Ka Khana and then pasta and noodles.

Most favourite color: I have more than one favourite color. It depends on my moods. Red,
Black and White you can say, my favourite colors.

Most precious gift: My mother.

Most favourable outfit: Anything in which I am comfortable and look good. For any formal
occassion, I love to wear a saree.

Most favourite hangout joint: Prithvi Theatre.

Most favourite song: Rimjhim Gire Sawan.

Most favourite book: Lust For Life by Irving Stone, it's an auto biography of Van Gogh.

Most favourite channel: Travel and Living and Animal Planet.

Author: Srabanti Chakraborti


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l0vey 12 years ago she is beautiful. hate her role in saat phere. lol but she is gorgeous.
Mitu1228 12 years ago Wow, in the show her sarees r really pretty. Back 2 the show a little upset to. Didnt want her back, but the actor hersefl is great, however charater dont like, but then its just me.
xxMATSxx 12 years ago She looks nice you are right, and she definitly suits the character of jiji, but I really didnt want jiji back..............I am way to upset!

*Reemz* 12 years ago are similar to what I would say. Hehe, we have the same taste in food and colour :D

So glad to have you back jiji :D Yay!!
amz1990 12 years ago yh she luks so pretty
thanxz 4 d article
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