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Nivaan Sen opens up on his Quarantined Birthday Plans & Production House 'Urban Boat Films'

Actor Nivaan Sen who celebrates his birthday today opens up on his quarantined birthday plans. The Actor also spoke about his production house 'Urban Boat Films' and revealed how they came up with the idea behind it.


Actor Nivaan Sen who has enthralled the audience over the years with his birlliant acting skills celebrates his birthday today. This year, birthdays are quite different for everyone across the nation and the actor spoke about how he is celebrating his special day today. 

Talking about his quarantined Birthday plans, he shared, "My wife, (Neelu Mahadur Sen) stays in Thailand. We got married 2 years back but she is a Thai citizen and she had planned to come here 3 months back. She also works there so we keep travelling to meet each other. This time, her plan was to come here three months back but she couldn't because of the lockdown. So now, we'll only video call other each and cake the cut."

He further added, "Now, no one can actually go out. Last year, friends celebrated my birthday but this time everyone has to stay at home. No one is really going out, so everything is happening at home only. It is a compulsion now and we cannot do anything about it."

Talking about how he is spending his time in the lockdown, he shared, "I have learnt one thing in the lockdown and that is how to make roti. It's been around 10-12 years in Mumbai, I can make the usual omelette, bhurji and all but this lockdown has also taught me to make rotis. Since there is no maid, I also do the cleaning and cooking on my own. Since my family is from a music background, I also sing a little and also post it sometimes on social media."

Nivaan had also started his own production house a few years back called 'Urban Boat Films'. Talking about the idea behind it, he shared, "We didn't really have a plan about starting a production house but my nephew has a full setup of camera and a small production house in Lucknow. So he told me that if you want to shoot something then I have the latest cameras and equipments. My wife had a beautiful contemporary script and then my friend who is a director also said that he has a subject as well. This is how we made a team and we took up 5-6 simple subjects and started the shoot. After shooting, we thought that we should make a production house. So post shooting, we created a production house called Urban Boat Films.

We started the production house 2 years back. We've made a few short films and music video and we were in talks for releasing it on a few OTT platforms but then the lockdown was announced and everything is at halt now. Once the lockdown gets lifted and everything comes under process, I'll look into all these things being a producer. Apart from that, I'm also about to do a series for an OTT platform but even that was discussed over three months back, now we'll see what happens once we talk to the producers post the lockdown."


Nivaan Sen

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