Nimisha Vakharia to Make a Comeback on Tenali Rama

Actress Nimisha Vakharia who exited Tenali Rama will soon be making her comeback on the show...

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Nimisha Vakharia

Tenali Rama is a SAB TV show about the court poet who serves at the court of Emperor Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara empire and uses his sharp wit and wisdom to solve complicated matters quickly.

Nimisha Vakharia, who played the mute mother of Tenali Rama and recently exited the show is all set to come back to the show. The actress will make her comeback and add to twist to the ongoing storyline. The actress herself confirmed the news.

As per the plot, Vijaynagar is hosting 'Vishwa ka pehela Khelotsav'. The Khelotsav features exciting competitions across various sports such as kabaddi, arm wrestling to even boat racing. Two teams, Vijayanagar and Durjangadh led by their kings are having a cut-throat competition between the kingdoms where everyone’s beloved Pandit Rama Krishna (Krishna Bharadwaj) is seen showcasing his true talents even in the field of sports to support Vijayanagar.

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