Surbhi Shukla makes a spooky comeback to television with ‘Shaitani Rasmein’

Surbhi Shukla is returning to television after four years with her latest show, ‘Shaitani Rasmein’ on Star Bharat.

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Surbhi Shukla

Out of sight is out of mind. This is the biggest truth of the entertainment industry, and being away from television is a big risk for any actor. But Surbhi Shukla took that risk for growth. Now, she is returning to television after four years with her latest show, ‘Shaitani Rasmein’ on Star Bharat.

While revealing what kept her away from television, Surbhi Shukla admitted, “I know it's a big risk to stay away from the screen for a long time, especially when every day new faces are making headlines.”

She, however, added, “But, I always wanted to do some movies down south, and there was time. After 2019, during Covid, the industry was going through a slowdown and not many work opportunities were coming to many actors. So, I decided to come out of my comfort zone and try movies in the South. Luckily, I got two movies, one is Rani and another one’s title is yet to be announced. I have already shot for the movies and am waiting for some good projects. I was always ready for non-lead characters also, but it should be strong enough to take up the project. Then, I got a call from Star Bharat for ‘Shaitani Rasmein’.” 

Surbhi Shukla, who gained fame as Rohini in 'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev', has also done shows like Balaji Telefilms’- Mahabharat, CID, Aahat, Jai Baharang Bali, Mahima Shani Dev ki, Betiyann, Akbar Ka Bal Birbal, ‘Buddha’, ‘Suryapuran’. ‘Maharaja Ki Jai Ho’ was Surbhi Shukla’s last show on television.  

Shaitani Rasmein’ is not just her comeback show on television but it's also her reunion with Nikhil Sinha after 'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev'. Talking about the show, Surbhi said, “My last show was on Star Plus only ‘Maharaja Ki Jai Ho’, and this would be my super-duper come back as this is my latest association with Star and Nikhil Sinha’s banner ‘Triangle Film Company’. I had worked with Nikhil Sinha earlier, and I like his team and the positivity they have while working. Even the show’s storyline is really good. It will take you back to your childhood because it's something similar to our Dadi-Nani ki Kahaniya (Granny’s Stories) - supernatural and ghostly.”  

“I am playing Arohi’s Character, who is Badi Bahu (elder daughter-in-law) in the family. All have family members in the show, including my husband and me. Everyone has their own desires to fulfil, and they have reasons to perform all ‘Shaitani Rasmein’. As elder daughter-in-law, I share a good bond with my Dever (husband’s younger brother), who is getting married. I support and try to help him and his newly-wedded wife to get settled in the family. As the story grows, you will see more layers to my character as well, which I would not like to share right now. Let it be surprise and suspense only,” Surbhi concluded while elaborating about her character.

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