Nidhi decides to quit Temptation Island India mid season because of her boyfriend Mohak's behavior?

The precap for tonight's episode suggests that the second Bonfire Night took a distressing turn for Nidhi.

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Temptation Island" has become the talk of the town, captivating audiences with its portrayal of budding relationships and the emotional bonds formed on the island. One of the season's highlights is the Bonfire Nights, where couples face the truth about their partners through revealing videos of their deeds throughout the week. A night of  'Pyaar ka khulasa' where the couples get a reality check of their relationship.

The precap for tonight's episode suggests that the second Bonfire Night took a distressing turn for Nidhi. As the clips played, she heard Mohak discussing with Elvish, his fondness for Urvi, admitting that Urvi could potentially replace her in his affections. The shock intensified when Nidhi witnessed footage of Mohak and Urvi sharing an intimate moment during a massage in his room.

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The impact on Nidhi was immediate – panic attacks set in, prompting her to plead for no more visuals. Concerned for her well-being, the show's host, Karan Kundrra, swiftly intervened, recognizing the severity of the situation. Amidst what seemed like a serious medical emergency, Kundrra assisted Nidhi andpicked her up to rush for doctor preventing her from fainting.

Will she decide to leave the island to protect her love? Or will she seek comfort in a new connection? These questions linger as we eagerly await the unfolding of Nidhi's story on "Temptation Island." The future is uncertain, and only time will give us the answers we're eagerly anticipating. Stay tuned to see how this dramatic chapter in Nidhi's journey plays out on the next episode of "Temptation Island."

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