Nia Sharma and Shivin Narang make for a great on screen pair in 'Gale Lagana Hai'

Gale Lagana Hai featuring Nia Sharma and Shivin Narang is sung by Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar. Check out the video.

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Gale Lagana Hai is sung by Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar while it features Shivin Narang and Nia Sharma. The music and lyrics are also by Tony while it is produced by Anshul Garg. The song narrates a story of what goes through when a girl takes a walk down the memory lane of her deceased partner, who as we saw martyred for the country. 

While the concept of the video is not something that is totally foreign to us, the music video does bring to us a fresh never before seen pair and we enjoy it, to say the least. While the music may or not maybe a favourite, the visuals sure do a great job while the lyrics too, seem to hit some chords if not too many.

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Given the trend of music videos that there have been, this sure won't go totally amiss, but there's also not a lot that sets it apart. None the less, one can simply watch it for the love of all things music, and enjoy the beautiful direction, a great pair, and some soulful music to it. Coming from the makers of Shona Shona, Khyaal Rakhya Kar, among others, this one too, has managed to create quite the buzz and has already been fairing a good number of views!

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Comments (3)

Are you praising the song or belittling it? I loved the song and the jodi!

3 years ago

Song was brilliant
Nia Sharma ❤️
Jodi was rocking

3 years ago

Awesome song Nia Sharma as always stunning
Lovely pair

3 years ago

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