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Neha Mehta ki Mamta

An emotional Chit-Chat with the loving and adoring Neha Mehta, read on to know her experience on the sets of Mamta!!!

Published: Tuesday,May 22, 2007 09:49 AM GMT-06:00
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The serial Mamta now has found a new face in Narayani Shastri. But Neha Mehta has really created an impact on the viewers' mind as their adorable Mamta. Her onscreen chemistry with Anand Suryavanshi has always been one of the highs of this serial. Here is a Chit-Chat with Mamta’s ex-leading lady - Neha Mehta, who is busy relaxing, post her exit from the show. Let's see what the Himachal Pahadi ki kudi is upto nowadays and let us find out more about her experience working in Mamta.

Neha Mehta ki Mamta

Now, that you’re not a part of Mamta anymore, who is the one person who you are going to miss the most?

Neha: I will miss little Krish the most. He is the most adorable kid to work with. I’ve had the most wonderful moments working with him. I have never seen such a co-operative child artist. He is just so loving. I saw him when he was around nine months old and have been working with him for almost two years and have been so attached to him. I am really going to miss him. He called me the other day after he shot one scene with Narayani and said "Mein apki duplicate ke saath kaam kar rahan hu, lekin mujhe app chahiye". I was literally in tears when the kid said this.

What was the most special moment on the sets?

Neha: Krish called me Mama first, even before calling his real mom, that was just very special. His dadi came and told me that Krish hasn’t even spoken at home and he came on the sets and spoke to me for the first time, calling me mamma. That was the most touching thing that has happened to me. And also, on the last day, when we broke the news to Krish that he won't be coming back on the sets again, he said bye to everyone. But when i went to him to hug him for one last time on the sets, he kept saying that he will come back to the sets the very next day. He kept repeating the same thing that he will see me again tomorrow.

Mamta - the show hit rock bottom and it had its few highs too. What truly went wrong with the show?

Neha: It was the story. Nothing else. The writers degraded Mamta’s character badly in the last couple of months. It was just beyond understanding.

What about the leap? There was a whole lot confusion with who is going to be a part of the show post leap?

Neha: I didn’t want to play a 20 year old’s mother from the start. Yet, I decided to hear the story and then decide. The production house narrated the story to me and I liked it, so decided to be a part of it. But as days passed, they kept changing the story and according to me, the story wasn’t really going anywhere. So, I decided to say quits.

How was it working on the sets? We’ve heard a lot about fights going on, between the actors and the production house. How true it that?

Neha: They are all rumors. We are like a family. Honestly, who doesn’t fight in a family? We’ve had our shares of difference of opinions, but everything was just blown out of proportion by the media.

Well, coming back to the story, who do you think Mamta should have chosen? Sid or Akshay?

Neha: Definitely Akshay, no doubts about that. Mamta has much more respect for Sid, but there is no love between them. She loves Akshay and will continue to love him. The story has so many flaws. Mamta cannot play around with Akshay’s feelings, its impossible for her to get married to Sid, just to teach him a lesson. Mamta could never do this, her character was completely degraded.

Who would you pick? Anand or Ajay? Or should I say, Akshay or Sid? And no diplomacy allowed.

Neha: (laughter) No.. Not this question…(pause) Ok, I’ll choose Akshay.

What’s next in line?

Neha: I just want to chill right now. I had an offer from a show in Sahara and for a show in Sony, but I don’t want to do any daily soaps as of now. I want to take a tour in Europe in July and if I accept anything right now, I wont be able to do that. I’ll continue doing ad films though. I’ve had a few movie offers from South. So let's see.

A message for your fans at IF:

Neha: Thank you guys for always supporting me. I’ll work hard to meet up with to your expectations.

So this is the gracious Neha Mehta talking her heart out about her character in Mamta, about her memorable experiences on the sets of Mamta. Here's wishing Neha a nice little break!! Hope to see her second innings in Tellydom in the near future!!!

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt
Contact Author: PM Anju0930

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Sania @sania_12 16 years ago Awww, I'll miss Neha and Krishu so much! thanx for the article...
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POOJA @pj2012 16 years ago There's nothing left in Mamta without AM I mean Anand and Neha....literally ta ta bye bye Mamta forever....I really wud love to see Anand and Neha together in some other show...but not like this one.....doobta hua titanic....worse than that ....Anand shud also quit.......then these morons will learn a gud lesson....

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sanjina @sanjina 16 years ago we the fiji viewers still have many days b4 mamta exit from the show but defintly she will me missed by us viewers. she was a excellant actress n in recent days she was degraded to much n not so much what mamta in real life wud do

you will be missed
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star2 @star2 16 years ago Good Decision.I am waiting for this good news .Because as we like you very much ,i cant even imagine that you in this spoiled story.
I saw many actresses supporting their characters even if their roles are degraded .But the best part of u r interview is ,you fairly said that your is character is degraded.

I am very much Happy For You,All the best for your future.
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Aisha @pishu 16 years ago mamta you are fabulos and excellent im going to miss your role especially with akshay(so sweet)
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Uma Srivastava @umi82990 16 years ago awh..great article..

will miss her!
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Dayal Nandwani @DayalNandwani 16 years ago I agree with Mamta(Neha Mehta's) comments about the story writers' handling of Mamta. It certainly crashed and viewers could not tolerate it.
All the glory mamta achieved was all due to Neha.
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Puja @HayeSiyaapa 16 years ago aww ids article is mad cute.. iam jmiss her n kirrshuuu...
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Jwalamukhi @-Jwalamukhi- 16 years ago She is right about choosing Akshay bcz she loves him and not Sid.
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Tainted Angel
Tainted Angel @Tainted Angel 16 years ago neha mehta kimamta is sooo good very very good good
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