Neha Desai is a big girl now!!!

As Neha Desai is all set for her role in Bali Umar Ko Salaam, her parents think she should start taking care of her own expenses. Read on to know more...

Neha Desai seems to have a lot happening in her life right now. The chirpy actress is seen in the school romance flick on NDTV Imagine's Bali Umar Ko Salaam. Telly Buzz caught up with her to know more on her career and personal front.

So what's new in your life? "Well, as of now I am busy with my show on NDTV Imagine. Apart from that, I am looking out for more shows and hoping that things will work out in the future", says Neha. So does that mean you have something else in the pipeline? "Umm, nothing for now, but the day I sign a new contract I will let everyone know", she adds.

But if she is so busy with Bali Umar, then why look for new ventures? "Well, my parents have asked me to take care of my own expenses and have also stopped my pocket money (laughs). And I also want to be independent and take care of myself", quips the actress. The bubbly actress is also looking ahead to buying herself an SUV. She says, "I want to buy that car and I want it to be black in color. I want a big car so that I can accommodate all my family members in it with ease. I don't need to spend on a house as I live with my parents, so I thought of buying a nice spacious car".

When in college, Neha received 3,500/- as pocket money which kept increasing as the years went by. But now as she says, the money has stopped altogether and she has to fend for herself.

Well, we definitely hope all her dreams come true and she makes it big in this industry!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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aww wen is this show startin!!?? im waitin for it since so long...
anyway all the best girl!!

15 years ago

The concept seems nyc, all the best to her, wud watch the show!!

15 years ago

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