Neel Samarthh on industry being the hub of depression and anxiety

Depression can happen anywhere, anytime, says actor Neel Samarthh.

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Depression can happen anywhere, anytime, says actor Neel Samarthh. The actor, who has been part of shows such as Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant, Kundali Bhagya and Waaris, says that it doesn’t matter which sector you work in, depression can happen to anyone.

“Sad feelings don't care where you work! It's like rain—it falls everywhere. But guess what? Talking about feelings is like using an umbrella. Let's create a sunny forecast for our minds and support each other. We're all on this happy journey together. Being in the entertainment industry is like being the headliner at a music festival; yeah, there's a spotlight, but with great performances come both cheers and challenges. I've personally felt the intensity of the spotlight, and it can magnify struggles. However, it's crucial to remember that mental health challenges are like autographs; everyone can have them, no matter the profession. Let's break the stigma and create an encore where seeking help is encouraged, regardless of the stage we're on,” he says.

He adds, “Stress is like a backpack; we all carry it sometimes. It doesn't matter if you're in movies, books, the medical field, or rocket science. What's important is sharing our backpack stories, helping each other, and spreading kindness. Stress can't compete with teamwork and good vibes. Stress is like a playlist; we all have our favourite tunes. The entertainment industry may have its high-tempo beats, but let's not forget that stress spins across various professions. In my journey, I've come across different challenges, but every job has its unique hurdles. The key is to share stories, support each other, and dance to the rhythm of empathy.”

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Ask him what he does when he feels low, and he says, “Think of it like a superhero training day. We wear our invisible capes and do things that make us smile. It could be playing with pets, dancing to happy tunes, or just taking a cozy nap. Low days are like clouds; they pass, and the sun (our happy feelings) always comes back. On the days when I feel like my guitar strings are a little out of tune, I prioritise self-care. It could be jamming with my loved ones, diving into activities that bring me joy, or simply having a solo session of introspection. Sometimes, changing the scene or immersing myself in a creative pursuit is the perfect chord to lift my spirits. The key is acknowledging those feelings and tuning them positively.”

He adds, “Happiness is like a treasure hunt, and the best part is, we're all the treasure. It's the giggles with friends, the magic of learning new things, and the warm fuzzy feelings inside. Let's be happiness detectives and find joy in simple things every day. After all, happiness is the coolest superpower we all have! Happiness, for me, is like a sold-out concert—electric, contagious, and oh-so-satisfying. It's the little backstage moments—the camaraderie, creative sparks, and personal victories. I've found joy in the simple things, like connecting with friends, exploring new roles, sharing my favourite coffee with a new friend, and relishing the warmth of everyday moments. It's like being the headliner in my own happiness concert, and every positive note adds to the melody of a fulfilling life.”

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