Nazar actor Harsh Rajput especially took an off to cast his vote!

If Harsh can do it, so can you...

Harsh Rajput, who is currently seen as half-human-half-devil in Gul Khan's popular drama 'Nazar', gave an example of being a responsible citizen. Although he is shooting round the clock, but he especially took an off to cast his vote at his hometown Navsari (Gujarat).
When contacted the handsome actor said, "I never fail to vote, because I feel it's not just our right but our responsibility too. This time also, I don't want to miss the opportunity to participate in selecting the government. That's why I took a day off and went to my hometown along with my family for voting."

The actor requested everyone to use the power to select the right candidates. On the importance of voting, Harsh added, "We all need to understand that every vote counts. If we don't vote, unsuitable candidates might win and in the end, we the voters are going to suffer. I would request everyone, especially social media warriors, to come out from home and cast their votes."

Kudos to the actor for being a responsible citizen.
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Radhadreamlove 2015-05-09T06:52:36Z Hey guys plz don't read my comment...u ll b disliking. .
Toh u r reading..
So plz leave a like or dislike after reading full..
In the sight of law salman is a culprit.
Bt it also cannot b neclected that he has been doing a gr8 humanity jobs 4 ppl actually 4 poor..
Okay now I know what u would b saying killing someone n then open NGOs is not still forgivable. Bt tell me just in a load of killing one he gave a way to thousand..
We can't neglect that he did a crime bt this can also b neglected that he got his punishment.. which? Don't u hate him? This is his punishment. .
N he gave laks of money to victims n their family.. I know money cannot return his life bt saved his family's life. .otherwise any other salman wud come n kill them under the car..
N only the victims said they don't need salman's prison they need their livelihood. .coz they can't work in this stage..
Now u may dislike it.. u r free..

N plz 1 rqst ...just don't say anything to india n her justice. ..
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