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Narayani replaces Neha in 'Mamta' - Breaking News!!

The Zee Serial Mamta is all set to take a Leap of 20 years. Now, are you all eager to get to know which actress bagged the role of Mamta post leap? Read On!!!

Published: Saturday,May 19, 2007 10:56 AM GMT-06:00
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Narayani replaces Neha in Mamta - Breaking News!!

The viewers of the serial Mamta, with a heavy heart are now all set to say “Sayonara” to the Baby Krish who had been the Darling of all Viewers for the past 1 year. Yes, the much awaited Leap in Mamta is surely to take place sometime next week. We have also had innumerable articles talking about the Protagonists’ decision to make it to the leap or not.

Here is a Big Surprise to all the Viewers as it is finally decided that Neha Mehtaa will not play the character of Mamta Post leap. So are you all now wondering who the next Mamta will be? Let us now break the suspense as we reveal to you, the New Face of Mamta, Narayani Shastri. Yes, the adorable Rimjhim will now be known as Mamta . Let us get some first hand information from the actress herself.

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Narayani replaces Neha in Mamta - Breaking News!!
Are you the new Mamta now?
Yes, it is true that I will be playing the role of Mamta. I was approached by the producer at the last minute. I have a real emotional bonding with this unit. This is the same production house that gave me Piya Ka Ghar. So this is like a homecoming for me. I am very comfortable working with this unit, its really nice to get back to work. I have rested enough and what more can I expect, I am working with the same production house..

What do you feel is different about Mamta?

This serial is not the normal Saas Bahu stuff with lots of glycerine. I do not have to play a haggered middle-aged woman. I am a normal 40 year old. This story started with a new concept of Surrogacy, slowly moved towards a love story.. Even now, after the leap, it will be a love story. So I am happy and excited.

Now can you tell us little bit about the story of Mamta post leap?

Yes, The leap will happen with more impetus on Mamta-Krish relationship. Krish will grow up to be a young lad who will hate his father. His mother has brought him up so well that he no more needs a father in his life. His father has never been around for him when he needed him, now he is at a stage where he does not need his father.

How is Mamta’s character going to develop post leap?

Mamta will be portrayed as a woman who is torn between her son and her past. Her son hates his father and now situations will make Mamta confront her past , her family and her husband.. She will again face all of them, who she had once left and moved on. So let us see how the story moves from there..

Have you started shooting?

Today is my first day on the Mamta sets.. I have shot for the Promos of Mamta. I will start shooting from tomorrow. The leap will happen sometime next week.

So how do you feel being the new Mamta?

It feels great. This is not a typical Saas Bahu serial, so this excites me more. I just hope that people are able to digest the change in the main character. As the serial moves on, viewers tend to get used to the actor playing a particular character. So I just hope that the viewers accept me as Mamta. It will surely take time for me to settle into the grooves of the character, but I am looking forward to it..

Well, this is the breaking news from the Mamta front..Watch out for more news on Mamta. .

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Contact Author: Sree
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Leena @jigglypuff726 16 years ago welcome to the 'mamta' parivaar narayani! i will miss neha mehta but i think this change is for betterment of the serial, so.. :D
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Aisha @pishu 16 years ago i like mamta drama so much, no matter i dont understand much hindi as i'm staying in hongkong and im not an indian, but i HATE the role of tanisha when will be her family know her reality, pls pls pls i am waitng so much this moment and i hope akshay and mamta will reconcile at the end.... many thanks and god bless
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Ammu @ammmu 16 years ago Awww, krishu papa won't be there anymore :( wonder who is going to play him?

i like Narayani, will miss Neha as Mamta, but all the best.... might start watching the show again :P

lovely article Sree di!!
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ilana @ilana 16 years ago i missed narayani shastri,welcome
back on zee.
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Ema @ilovemeenal 16 years ago Thanks for tellin everyone who is the next mamta i really wanted to know o thanks agian....
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Momo @momogrl21 16 years ago all the best to her...i think she is pretty good!
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Jasmeen Rangi @bastereliye 16 years ago omg! wow! nowit will be interesting! Rimjhim is the best!!!!!!!!! ;)
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Rime @Rime 16 years ago she's back on zee
me and my mom love her acting, she great, now this show will get really intresting
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Tainted Angel
Tainted Angel @Tainted Angel 16 years ago ohwow ... at last she sback this isgreat news sree dii thanx sooomuch for the wondetful and good great news
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Uma Srivastava @umi82990 16 years ago OH WOW......AT LAST..SHE'S BACK!!

This is great news Sree Di!!

Thanks so much for the wonderful article and great news!!
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