Naomi Campbell Puts on 'Coronavirus Combative Gear'; Video Inside!

Popular for advocating a germ free surrounding, Noami Campbell shows up at the airport in a Hazmat suit...

Naomi Campbell Hazmat Suit

Although coronavirus clasps the planet in it’s ugly claws, celebrities across the globe are still sticking to their work commitments, even if it means boarding the flight to get somewhere. While most of them are keeping themselves protected with a mask and a pair of gloves, international super model, Naomi Campbell is making sure she is covered in high-protection safety gear. 

It is safe to say that Naomi is a fierce advocate of a germ free environment, courtesy of a video she posted last year on her Youtube channel, which saw her wiping off her on-flight surrounding with a disinfectant. Therefor it is no surprise that the model chose to step her safety up amid coronavirus outbreak. 

The fashion icon shared several images of herself from Los Angeles International Airport, where she donned a Hazmat suit with a mask, pink gloves and sunglasses. 

One picture shows Naomi inside the airport lugging a white suit case, while the other has her on-board a plane wearing a cape over her Haz-suit. 

Naomi even shared a video on her Youtube channel. 

Check it out right here:

Hazmat suit is an overall garment, worn to protect people from hazardous substances that includes chemicals, radioactive rays, biological agents and more. Hazmat is classified as per levels A, B, C or D, depending on the protection it provides. 

How are you ensuring you and your family is safe amidst the Coronavirus outbreak? 

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