Naman Shaw's 'accountant' connection

Naman Shaw’s characters lately are revolving around the most difficult subject for him – accounts.

Naman Shaw, the simple and sweet actor who was last seen in Sony TV's Jeet Jayenge Hum will now be seen in the multi-cast show on Imagine – Rakt Sambandh. The actor is amazed that his characters have been more or less related to 'accounts' the subject with which he faced the most difficulty!

Naman says, "I was never good at accounts. But as luck would have it in Jeet Jayenge Hum I played a person who teaches accounts. I never could handle accounts in my real life, teaching it was completely out of question. But I guess that's the beauty of this profession. What you can't do in real life you can fulfill in reel life."

Elaborating on his character, Naman says, "In Rakt Sambandh, I play the character of Neeraj Joginder, the son of an accountant. Once again, the subject which gave me so much tension has got itself associated with me (laughs)."

Naman adds, "Neeraj is a modern guy who you'll see in half-sleeved shirts mostly. He has various shades to his character and there is a point when you will see him weeping too."

Explaining his abrupt exit from Jeet Jayenge Hum, Naman says, 'It was decided from the very beginning that my role would be a cameo. That I won't be shown for more than two months. So it wasn't like I left the show with any bitterness. It was a pre-decided issue and I signed up for the show knowing full well my character's depth."

We wish Naman Shaw good luck for his new show.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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pul18 10 years ago OMG
naman as usual u look so handsome.....
in rakt sambandh u rock.....
i just love the episode...of ur entry....
love u so muchhhhhhh2010-07-23 02:28:52
pul18 10 years ago after ur entry.....
i'll watch the show....
i wish the producer will decide u as lead role.........
Stark_Wolf 10 years ago Naman welcome bak....
i jus saw one epi..of RS it was good...
Shaina_b 10 years ago Great to see him back on TV!!!!

CookMySock 10 years ago OMG. ah thank god. somebody else who can't do maths :D :D :D

i love him ^_^
imagine-addict 10 years ago cant wait for his entry in Rakt Sambandh!
Mazzy101 10 years ago thnx, its nice to see him in sumthng else, hes a good actr!
zara_11 10 years ago It's good to see Naman back, i still remember him from nach baliye 4.
MasoomaBukhari 10 years ago OMG Naman!! Accounts and Commerce are the most easy subjects in the whole world!! U btter contact my teacher for that! lol. Sir Sajjad! look someone needs yr help. lol jk.2010-07-21 09:48:10
JasminBhasinFan 10 years ago all the best naman....my superhero:) u rock...cant wait to see u finally in Rakt Sambandh..however I miss our Ajinkya..good work in Ssshh as well:)
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