Nach Baliye couples on a shopping spree...

Shaleen-Daljit and Naman-Megha were the special guests at the newly opened Westside store in Powai, and the couples had a great time shopping...

The newly opened Westside store at Powai, in Mumbai was buzzing with activity on 24th December as the Nach Baliye Jodis, Shaleen Bhanot and Daljit Kaur along with Naman Shaw and Megha Gupta took to a shopping spree...

The cute couples shopped till they dropped dead as they bought gifts for themselves and for their near and dear ones on the eve of Christmas. Shaleen and Daljit were in perfect Christmas mood, while Naman and Megha seemed to enjoy their time together..

Above all, the bonding of the contestants of Nach Baliye was very much visible as the four friends had a whale of a time. After their extensive shopping, they had a sumptuous lunch too...

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Daljiet Kaur Thumbnail

Daljiet Kaur

Megha Gupta Thumbnail

Megha Gupta

Naman Shaw Thumbnail

Naman Shaw

Shaleen Bhanot Thumbnail

Shaleen Bhanot

Daljit K Thumbnail

Daljit K

Comments (20)

thank you soo much for da pics..
dey r awesome ;)

15 years ago

thx...Shaleen and Daljit look so cute...made for each other........

15 years ago

after Aamir & sanjeeda
shaleen & daljit are truelt soul mates

15 years ago

Aww Shaljit look so cute, made for eachother

15 years ago

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww these are the 2 most cutest couples on NB4!!!!!!!!!!!! i loveeee the pics!!!!!!! soooooooooooo adoreable!!!!! <3

15 years ago

aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... that is SO cutee!
Shaleen and Deljeet are just *drools*

15 years ago

Aww Shaleen-Daljit look really good together! Daljit looks really sweet and simple in her pink and white suit.

15 years ago

cute pics!! shaleen & Daljit luk soo good together!

15 years ago

Shaleen & Daljit :D

They''re sooo cute. Jodi made in Heaven >:D

15 years ago

aww... those are some cute pictures!


15 years ago

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