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Nach Baliye 9 | Keith-Rochelle: We are here to express ourselves & show our personalities which will hopefully get us to the end

In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Keith and Rochelle speak about participating in Nach Baliye, qualities they like in each other and much more...

Published: Friday,Jul 26, 2019 05:31 AM GMT-06:00
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Star Plus’ much coveted celeb dance reality show Nach Baliye is finally back with it’s ninth season and we can’t contain our excitement. Produced by Salman Khan, the show will witness 12 celeb couples dancing their way to win the trophy. The makers have introduced a brand new concept by roping in ex-couples in the show, making it more interesting. 

Adorable telly town couple Keith Sequeira and Rochelle Rao are also seen participating in the dance reality show. The much-in-love couple got married last year in a private ceremony at Mahabalipuram. The two have earlier participated in Bigg Boss 9 and after marriage this is their first show together. 

In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Keith and Rochelle speak about participating in Nach Baliye, qualities they like in each other and much more. 

Nach Baliye is a coveted dance reality show, how excited are you to participate as a couple for the first time?

Rochelle- I am really excited this time as Keith and I are on the same team! Last time when we did a reality show together we were competing with each other! Though of course it’s a lot more fun to work together, but its hard to work together as well. To be coordinated with each other, to be in sync with the same timing and lots more, but it is definitely very exciting to explore this new side of our relationship together. 

Keith- The excitement is definitely there, but  there is also a bit of nervousness as this time we will be on the stage with a different kind of format that we are not very used to. But the energy is quite high right now, with the entire mixed feeling which is going on! 

There are trained dancers like Shantanu and Faisal competing with you, does that make you feel more pressurized ?

Rochelle- Both of us honestly don't feel the pressure to be competing with the trained dancers on the show, technically we aren't competing with them when it comes to dance, and so we aren't even putting ourselves in that bracket. As we are here to express ourselves and show our personalities to everybody, which will hopefully get us to the end! 

Keith- It does in many ways, as they are trained dancers and we are not, so there is a lot to catch up on. But that's just the way it is! You have got a pack of cards being dealt to you and you have just got to play your best hand. 

Qualities of your baliye (partner) that impress you and qualities that piss you off. 

Rochelle- I think that the most impressive quality about Keith is his ability to remain calm and patient no matter what the situation is. He has become my rock in every situation. I also feel that he is really supportive, even on my tough days, where he is always trying to cheer me up and patiently help me get back to a better mood. He is someone who can make me laugh even when I don't want to laugh! And it is very important to have one of those people in your life, as the tough moments become lighter! 

A few things that I don't like about Keith is firstly his selective hearing, as he chooses when he hears me and when he doesn't! Also when he wakes up early in the morning and he doesn't do it quietly, and I am someone who loves my sleep!

Keith-  The quality of Rochelle that impresses me the most is that she is always open to trying new things. She is also someone who is very emotional but calm at the same time, and that is something which really drives me. Though the thing that doesn't appeal to me at times is that I am more disciplined with timings and she isn't, but well that's just another give and take for us. 

 Any dance forms that you both enjoy performing and why? 

Rochelle- I definitely enjoy the western style of dance. I do prefer more of the contemporary dance styles, and ones where I can showcase the recent ballet movements that I have been learning. Though at some point I would definitely like to work in an item song and try out my Bollywood moves as well! 

Keith- Speaking about us, the dance form that we considered to be easy was actually quite tough and vice versa! So all the stereotypes and frameworks that we had in our heads have all been broken lose, so we are just taking each day at a time. 

 Which couple do you think can be your biggest competitors?

Rochelle- I don't see anyone as my personal competitor, but the competition is really strong this time. Anita, Shraddha are really big on television and have a huge fanbase. Prince-Yuvika, have a good balance of both, as they are good dancers and have a strong fanbase too.

Keith- It’s tough to say anything at this point, though everyone here has their own unique style of dance. Aly Natasha, Prince Yuvika, and even Shraddha are all great at what they do, including their fan bases which are huge! 

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