Naaginn to be back after seasonal break..

Contrary to earlier reports, the latest on Zee's Naaginn is that the show will not be going off air, and will be back after a seasonal break...

Just a week back, there were reports that Zee's Naaginn, produced by Aruna Irani's A.K. Films will be shutting shop on April 11th. However, the latest on this is that the sh
ow will be taking a seasonal break and will be back in few months.

Confirming this news to Telly Buzz is Aruna Irani, "Yes, Naaginn will not be going off air. In fact, we will be taking a seasonal break and the last episode of this season will be aired on April 11th".

When asked about Naagin's second innings, the Producer said, "As per our talks with the channel, we should be back in 2-3 months".

Ajay Bhalwankar, Programming Head, Zee TV too confirmed the news, "Yes, it is a season break for Naaginn. We will be back with it in some time".

Well, can we say there is a new dawn waiting to welcome the Naaginn with open arms?

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (7)

Please tell me some one where is naaginn 2nd Serial... I think the story of naaginn is now finshed but end of the naaginn is not good. its a bad end....
please tell me about nagin 2nd season serial... i m waiting...

13 years ago

Naagin Ki Agnipariksha Mein Jalti Naagin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

interesting..will be waiting for season 2.

14 years ago

Hahahaha wow it took then a year n half to end season 1?!?!??!?! thts tooooooooo late in the day comapred to western shows lol anyways....i like this show so glad to hear it aint ending!

14 years ago

thank goodness - I really like this show. I can''t wait for it to come back! Thanks so much!

14 years ago

that''s great!
looking forward to the next season, i hope they revamp the entire show and make it even more exciting

14 years ago

hope it is back very soon really liked to watch it mainly i''ll miss sayantani.

14 years ago

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