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My woman - Tushar Kapoor

Tushar Kapoor describes the woman of his dreams

Published: Thursday,Aug 09, 2007 23:01 PM GMT-06:00
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1. What ideal qualities would you want in your woman?
She should be beautiful, intelligent, and above all, have a charming personality.

2. Hottest getaway with her?
I have heard a lot about the happening beaches of Europe, especially the romantic French Riviera. That would be it.
My woman - Tushar Kapoor

3. Would you enter into a live-in relationship if needed?
I have no qualms about a live-in. It would all depend on the girl and our equation at that point of time.

4. Would you cook nice candle-light dinners for her?
I would always try to keep a balance --- sometimes take her out for dinner, and cook for her at other times. Such variation and spice is essential to keep her guessing.

5. Hottest chick in Bollywood?
Somehow, I find senior women like Kajol and Tabu the most attractive.

6. If you found your partner having a fling, what would you do?
I would simply walk away, as infidelity is something I just can't accept, period.

My woman - Tushar Kapoor
7. How much importance do you give to personal space in any relationship?
Very much, I need space to do my own thing. That could be the reason why I am still single. Anyways, post-shooting, I hardly get any time. So to have a woman invading my privacy is not something I would take kindly to.

8. If most women don't like the supposed dominating nature of men, what is that one trait in women that turns off men?
Women whine a lot. Though men also do, but not as much as the females.

9. How much importance do you give to family consent in your choice of girl?
Very much, as I know they would always want my best. Having said that, it's not that I would blindly follow their dictates.

10. Are men from Mars and women from Venus?
Yes, and thank God for that, as this difference is very essential. This is what makes life interesting. -(SAMPURN)

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