My Style Quotient - Nisha Kothari

Nisha Kothari on Fashion and Styles

Q: What is your definition of fashion?
A: It could be defined as something in which you, as an individual, are comfortable in and confident about, something which suits your attitude.

Q: Where do you mostly shop from?
A: I am an impulsive buyer and buy things even from the streetside. But I like to shop in Dubai.

Q: Any specific brands you prefer?
A: No, I'm not a brand-conscious person, but I like Versace.

Q: While at home, you mostly wear…
A: Track suits, shorts, t-shirts and comfortable things like that.

Q: Your gym wear is…
A: Again, it would be track suits, t-shirts and jackets.

Q: Do you go for the formal look at times?
A: I love the formal look. I have so many formal clothes that sometimes I'm in a fix about what to wear to parties.

Q: What's your casual look?
A: I think it would depend upon the place or the occasion.

Q: What do you prefer for evening wear?
A: A nice dress and jacket, but then again it depends on the place and occasion.

Q: What about night wear?
A: Anything in cotton because it is very comfortable.

Q: Do you adorn yourself with accessories?
A: Yes, they go well with dresses but I like exquisite and expensive ones. I like gold, diamond and pearls like any other girl.

Q: Which brands do you favour for footwear?
A: I have never thought of this but I like to wear comfortable footwear.

Q: What are the make-up products that you use?
A: I love lipsticks. I have 250 of them. The brands which I prefer are Mac and Body Basics.

Q: Which is the latest perfume that you bought?
A: I have bought three of them together; one each from Burburry, Armani and Christian Dior.

Q: Brand you prefer for lingerie?
A: It is Marks and Spencers, but there is another shop called Boudoir London where you get good stuff.

Q: Which colours do you think are a must in any wardrobe?
A: One should wear all colours because that makes you look lively.

-As told to Mili Swarnakar (SAMPURN)

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