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My strategy is to have no strategy! - Ali Quli Mirza

In this exclusive chat with Ali Quli Mirza who will be entering the Bigg Boss house today as a wild card entrant, speaks about his strategies and much more with TellyBuzz.

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Colors Bigg Boss 8 has already stirred a lot of news for itself with the kind of drama and tiffs that viewers get to see by each passing day. TellyBuzz had earlier reported about a singer wild card entry that will soon be seen entering the Bigg Boss house. Well, he is none other than Ali Quli Mirza and his full fledged entry in this controversial house will be seen in tomorrow's episode as the captain of the house.

In this exclusive chat with Ali, he speaks about why he chose to get into Bigg Boss, his game plans and much more. Read on!

Why Bigg Boss?

My motive behind entering the Bigg Boss house is first of all I love Bigg Boss and it has an unique reach towards my fans, my listeners in India and a few other countries too. I think it is a very good and huge platform for me to show my talent, my entertainment skills which I already have and my name will also grow after I get into the house.

With what strategy will we see you enter the Bigg Boss house?

No strategy as such but I am thinking to be myself and go with the flow. I have good friends of mine in the house like Arya Babbar, Minissha Lamba, Praneet Bhatt; I have all of them in the house. Upen Patel too is a friend of mine. So there are a couple of friends inside. Out of 24 hours, we as viewers just get to see 23 hours and only the contestants know what happens in the entire day. Therefore, I have planned to just be myself. I will be playing normally and entertaining everyone inside as well as outside the house.

Did you follow the show before entering the house? Who according to you is the strongest contender?

Yes, I did follow the show. I think Praneet Bhatt and Pritam Singh are playing good. These are the two smart players. These two have a strong chance that they will go a long way in the show.

There were media reports of you creating a buzz in the house as soon as you enter. How true is it?

I will create a buzz by singing, by loving them, by joking with them and entertaining them all. That is how I have planned to be in the Bigg Boss house. However, yes, I will always try to keep myself away from any kind of controversies. I will not indulge in them no matter what. Nevertheless, you never know, it is the Bigg Boss house and you cannot predict what can happen.

Until now, none of the wild card entrants have won the title in any of the season. What is your take over it?

This time around, I will make a history by winning the game. I am a framer's child and have struggled a lot in life but at the same time I had a vision of what I wanted from life or what I wanted to be in life. Similarly, I am entering the house with a vision to win the competition and I know God too is with me.

Lastly, message to your fans...

I would just like to say that please do watch Bigg Boss and do watch my upcoming film Roar as I will not be able to watch being in the Bigg Boss house.

TellyBuzz wishes Ali luck and a happy stay at  the Bigg Boss 8 house!

Upasana Patel

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Isa_Rahman 6 years ago who is this loser? i don't even think anyone knows him in india, another wannabee flopstar.
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Eusra 6 years ago check
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Mohabbateinn 6 years ago apparently.. his songs are only popular in Dubai ...basically a wannabe singer
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.furrii. 6 years ago singer Ali Quli Mirza? Hope he has a good time in the house... Don't know much about him, but Love 2 of his songs though :P
2014-10-15 13:18:18
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khosla03 6 years ago who is he..never heard his name in my life???????????????
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-CreativeSoul- 9 years ago nice:p now this is an episode i won't miss!
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-Jahnvi- 9 years ago Is this tonight? I've been waiting for this episode like a maniac since last week! Aiish, finally!
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ana56 9 years ago wow i m waiting for thursday eagerly from the day i watched the promos of srk coming to kbc
love u srk
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Sanaa629 9 years ago GO SRKK!!!! I think he's the best host in the Television Industry..Definitley won't miss KBSC episode with him and Big B!! :D
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tomnjerry2 9 years ago The episode is gonna be the best !!!!! Tongue
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