'My Photographs resemble Manav Gohil'- Tushar Mishhra

New comer Tushar Mishhra, Anuj's discovery for his new venture 'Sach Hue Mere Sapne'on Doordarshan resembles a famous television face. Read to know who...


The look-alike concept seems to be catching up these days especially on television. Recently Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan met his look-alike on the sets of 9X's Yeh Hai Jalwa , and now Tushar Mishhra while shooting for his serial on Doordarshan Sach Hue Mere Sapne has been compared to Manav Gohil and Hiten Tejwani.

When asked how Tushar does feel about being compared to the stars, he says, “I am happy that I am being compared to names that are really successful in the industry”. And when did you realize this? “I discovered that a lot of people felt I looked Manav while shooting for the serial, before that nobody told me about this. I personally feel that on screen I am totally different and I resemble Manav Gohil only in my photographs.”

There was also a buzz that Manav was offered this role long back but the show took almost a year to go on floors. Manav didn’t do the role, but it’s rather ironical that Anuj Saxena found an exact replica for him to play the lead role in Sach Hue Mere Sapne.

Tushar ke sapne sach me sach ho gaye!!!


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Riya07 12 years ago yaa...he does look similar to manav but nowhere around hiten :)
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-DulceMaria- 12 years ago he has Hiten's hairstyle and Manav's cheekbones..
illuminated. 12 years ago His hair look like Hitens and his face kinda does resemble Manav
*mittu* 12 years ago I dont find him resembling to Manav Gohil and please nowhere near Hiten!!!

Maybe he looks similar to Manav in some other snaps :s
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