Dabangii Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi : Can Ankush beat Satya to Arya's location and ensure her safety?

In the upcoming episode of Sony TV's show Dabangii tonight Ankush will be seen trying his best to save Arya.

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Manav Gohil and Aamir Dalvi

Sony Entertainment Television, known for its commitment to diverse storytelling and compelling characters, is ready to introduce viewers to 'Dabangii - Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi.' This exciting series follows Arya, a bold and determined young woman on a quest to find her father, Satya, whom she believes to be a supercop away on a secret mission. 

In the previous episode, viewers witnessed Arya successfully escape from Sudhar Ghar, and Satya plans to Kill her. 

In the gripping episode airing on January 5th February 2024, Arya manages to break free from Sudhar Ghar's clutches and seeks refuge at Ankush's place, anxiously awaiting his arrival. Meanwhile, she desperately tries to evade detection by Satya, who is hot on his trail. As fate would have it, Satya discovers Arya's hiding spot and hatches a cunning scheme to steal her away. Just as tension reaches its peak, Ankush arrives, unaware of the danger lurking nearby. 

Now, the burning question looms large: Will Ankush find Arya in time to rescue her from the dangerous grasp of Satya?

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