'My next step would be Cinema' - Surily Gautam

Surily, the new face of Sony who plays the cute and adorable Geet in Meet Mila De Rabba in a candid chit-chat...

Surily Gautam is the new face of Sony channel. This seventeen year old lass has just begun her journey in the television industry and plans to make it big one day in Bollywood. We chit-chat with her about how she bagged a lead role in Meet Mila De Rabba and her future plans.
Tell us something about your background?
I am from Chandigarh, and am currently in my HSC which is a crucial year. I have plans to do Law, but nothing has been decided, as currently I have taken up this show.

How did you bag this role?
The auditions for Meet Mila De Rabba were taking place in Chandigarh. Some of my friends told me about it and I attended it just for masti. Then I received a call that I am selected for the next round and after 7-8 look tests, I got thro' finally.

Did you always plan to be an actress?
Yes, I always wanted to be in this career, but not so early. I wanted to complete studies first and then opt for acting. But today it’s vice versa.

How will you balance between acting and studying?
Well for now, I carry two subjects every day on sets. Whenever I get time I study, but initially it’s difficult as the show has just started.

Is there any similarity between you and Geet?
Of course we are both very similar. Both of us are bubbly and chirpy, at the same time emotional too. We both get angry very fast and also cool down at the same speed.

How did you prepare for the character of Geet?
I have taken the help of Sapna Mudgal who is a senior actor from National School of Drama. I have taken few classes with her. But I feel, the most important and the difficult part is to live the character on screen, and this cannot be taught. I have tried to get into the skin of Geet and hope that audience likes me.

In real life too are you waiting to meet your soul mate?
For now definitely no, as I think I’m too young for it. Besides, I don’t have that much time also to think about my Meet, so let the right time come and I’ll announce it.

Your dad is in Zee Punjabi as Creative Head, so why didn’t you try hands there?
As I said earlier, I never thought of taking acting so soon; it just happened that I gave my audition and got selected. My dad also supported me in this decision and I did not want to do regional shows now, as I was not ready for it. But when I got such a good offer from Sony, I couldn’t say no to them.

Are you also planning for Bollywood?
Of course the next step would be Bollywood, but not so soon. Currently I want to focus on my education and Meet Mila De Rabba.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (7)

thanks... all the best to her and the show!

15 years ago

Yes dear Kunal is playin the male lead

15 years ago

its actually a nice show...and emotional too..wow she is just 17???go girl!!

15 years ago

really sam??? it will b so cool 2 watch yudi back on screen...

15 years ago

I luv this show..Diff concept n Surili is such a sweetheart..If im not mistaken Kunal Kapoor(Yudi of LRL) is playin the male lead in the show Isnt it??

15 years ago

very different concept
totally punjabi luk given 2 the serial thats make it different from other serials
hope it dos well
best of luck

15 years ago

The concept of MMDR is very nice. It has a freshness. Hope it remains the same.

15 years ago

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