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'My mom won't let me pierce my belly button' - Additi Gupta

Additi Gupta reveals some fascinating stuff about herself during Tellybuzz’ Quick Grills…

When eating out, do you insist on packaged drinking water?

How would a day go, without your cell phone?

It would be as if I'm missing a person.

Perfect way to enjoy your off…

Go to a spa, pamper yourself to the core or go to a nail spa and do fancy artwork on them.

Do you know how to do French braid?
No, I know the normal one.

Your hobbies…
Reading spiritual books and listening to music. Music is my greatest stress buster, especially when I'm driving.

How many languages can you speak?
Two- Hindi and English and I'm trying to learn Marathi.

Are you good at remembering names?
No, but I'm very good at remembering faces.

On a scale of one to ten, what would you rate your handwriting?
I looooove my handwriting! All my friends love it too. So I'll probably give it an 8.5 or 9 out of 10.

Your favorite proverb
Nothing as such.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee anytime and I don't drink tea.

Usually, how are your mornings, lazy and slow or active and in a rush?
Very lazy but I'm forced to be active on days of my shoot.

Your favorite color?

Your take on tattoos and piercings.
I love them! I already have a tattoo and I want to pierce my belly- button but my mom won't let me…

Do you act on spur-of-the-moment a lot?
Yes! I'm very impulsive!!

What do you miss about your hometown?
Well, I've grown up in a lot of different places as my father had a transferable job.  But the place I miss the most is Indore. I had a wonderful time there during my 7th to 9th standards. I have a lot of fond memories attached to that place because that's when I got my first boyfriend. We were in a girls school and he was from a neighboring boys school so it was very Mohabbatein types…(smiles).

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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iheartChai 9 years ago Missing you.

Keep smiling, keep rocking, and keep doing what you do.

Wishing you all the best!
molly45 9 years ago
Love you Additi :D
All the best
Additi, you did a fabulous job as Pihu
You rock!
mazkachazka 9 years ago Additi you are soooo beautiful! Keep Rocking God Bless you :)

snehasharma 9 years ago lov u ag ,god bless u angel u r a sweetheart lov u
Paru... 9 years ago u r the best.........................................
fathima23 10 years ago aditi gupta....da best actresss ever....keep rockin
Waqas... 10 years ago Thanks a lot for interview...
Nice Answers...
Please Come Back Soon With Harshad...
All the Best!!!
Love Ya...
uswah 10 years ago ADDITI waiting ur performance in Hum Tum round
saumzi 10 years ago misssss ma heer..:(..come back with harshad in tere liye..!!!!
Paru... 10 years ago u looked gorgeous in the turquiose
coloured gown.
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