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My Man- Daljeet Kaur

Interview with Daljeet Kaur of Kulvaddhu

Would he be hip or the take-home-to-mamma type?

He should be the take-home-to-mummy type.

Who would you like to get stranded with on a deserted island?
Definitely Hugh Grant.

What are the turn-ons and turns-offs in a man?
A surprise gift would be a turn-on. Bad odour would turn me off.

What is the most important ingredient of a successful relationship?
I think it is 100 per cent honesty and faith

What would be the most romantic song you would like to sing to your man?
It would be the latest Kailash Kher song, Saiyyan.

Your favourite romantic getaway
I'm an ocean freak so I think ill go to Mauritius.

How would you like your man to propose?
I want him to take me to sail and then propose me on the ship or launch's deck.

Do you believe in one-night stands or commitment?
Definitely, commitment.

Your first crush..
It was in seventh standard, I cannot name that guy because I'm still in contact with him and have never told him about it (laughs).

Best dressed male TV star?
(after a long pause) Anuj Saxena.

Arranged marriage vs. Love marriage?
I think arranged-love, but love-arranged would also do.

How would you react if you found your guy ogling other girls?
I would pull him by the ear and tell him to be careful since I'm watching.

Would you forgive your guy if you caught him sleeping around?
That would be the end of it. No looking back.

-Mili Swarnakar (SAMPURN)

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saiyaa.sharma 2007-08-15T00:15:16Z i dont have words man. its so nostalgic to see er. wish kulvaddhu had never ended.
she seems to be a decent simple girl...
i miss kulvadhu !!!!
cute doll
cute doll 2007-08-14T22:36:56Z thank u
she's looking gud in those pics
Pop Princess
Pop Princess 2007-08-14T18:42:13Z wow..she's obviously thought about her man deeply..gud 4 her...wish her da best of luck
notfadedaway 2007-08-14T18:18:49Z w0ww..she looks pretty in the picss
diljaani 2007-08-14T16:52:07Z good interview!
shes so pretty...

rahmata 2007-08-14T14:14:18Z cool she is a nice actress
gr88 replies
-Ami- 2007-08-14T09:27:24Z Thanks for the article..
Aww she still in contact with her first crush..So sweet...
She looks pretty in the second pic..
Kiran. 2007-08-14T09:01:07Z Daljit looks so cute in the first pic.
Thanks for the interview.
**sanya** 2007-08-14T07:29:51Z ....::::kwl::::....

shes pretty

LadyZaib 2007-08-14T03:00:04Z thanks for the article, interesting read
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