'My favorite dish is Nimbu Chicken' - Karan Mehra

The host cum actor is chilling out these days at home. So we catch up with him to know about his likes and dislikes when it comes to the food plate...

Are you a foodie?
Not so much, but I like to eat out twice a week.

Are you a vegetarian or you prefer non-veg?
I am a pure non-vegetarian.

Which is your favorite dish?
I like Nimbu Chicken a lot.

Your favorite restaurant?
Dhaba and Urban Tadka in Mumbai.

Your favorite Ghar Ka Khana?
I like to have Rajma and Sprout Dhal.

Do you like to grab food from the roadside at times?
Yes, I like the Pani Puri out there.

What is the best dish you have ever tasted?
I would say it has to be the ‘Picking Duck’ in London.

The worst dish you have ever tasted will be..
Once I tasted half-baked pasta in olive oil and it tasted horrible.

Is there any particular dish you restrain from having?
These days, I restrain from dishes made from wheat and rice, as I am developing a paunch sitting at home.

Do you cook at home?
Not at all, but I have tried making scrambled eggs once or twice.

When did you cook last?
Don’t ask about that!! It was a disaster, and that was about a year ago. (grins)

Any dish you would like to cook for your loved ones?
I would love to cook Nimbu Chicken and Pasta with White Sauce.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (4)

sweet karan mehra rock the hosting of saas ya bahoo

15 years ago

hahah eh is also dun knw hw 2 cook

15 years ago

Nimbu Chicken??never heard of this chicken hehe..but anyways nice ans

15 years ago

i think its Nimbu not Limbu... i had a friend from Pune side too and he used to call it Limbu chicken too.... thats why I am guessing.... and 2ndly

What is the best dish you have ever tasted?
I would say it has to be the ‘Picking Duck’ in London.

I think it is PEKING DUCK as long as i remember from my visit to London

15 years ago

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