My charater is not a daily soap hero : Iqbal Khan

Iqbal Khan talks about his character and his new show 'Pyar Ko Ho Jane Do' on Sony TV...


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The Handsome hunk Iqbal Khan, who is known for experimenting with television shows.. from playing a romantic guy in 'Kaisa yeh Pyar Hai' to showcasing his daring side on reality show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi: Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns', now is back with something different on television.

Iqbal is back with Balaji Telefilms' newly launched show 'Pyar Ko Ho Jane Do' on Sony TV where he portrays the role of a loving family man but his character has a different shade to unfold, in the forthcoming episodes.

Read on to know more about, what Iqbal has to say about his character on the show...

Iqbal stated, "He has his own reasons of why he is doing all this. Spies have targets and further it will be revealed on the show, as how he had entered the family and become a part of it. The show is primarily a family drama and not a story of a spy. It has a backdrop of the spy angle, and the beauty of the show is that it's not just a household family drama with normal household problems. It's a family drama with a different set of problems which has never been shown on TV before."

"I was very happy when I was narrated the story. It's a touchy issue and there are certain things that has to be taken care of. As an individual, I have some social responsibilities and I make sure its done properly. As an actor, I like to keep myself different. I would not want to do something that has already been done. I always try to over put things in my character to make it different. I don't have to do that here, because here my character is not a daily soap hero. This is the first show in India where the hero is not Indian," added Iqbal.

On being asked about his equation with Mona (Mona Jaswir Singh), he told us, "She is so much like me and we think quite alike in terms of having fun. There is a lot of fun on sets when we shoot."

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jakr 4 years ago Iqbal is doing wonderful job as Ishaan /Rizwan
The concept of the story is unique and not tried so far. all the best
Az07 4 years ago This is my favourite show currently & Iqbal Khan & Mona Jaswir Singh is doing an awesome job. This show is really a fresh breath of air
Mehek25 4 years ago Initially I was a bit skeptical about this show. But now I feel like watching it. Hope it gets as well as expected. Iqbal Khan is one good actor. So is Mona Singh. Waiting to see all the revelations as.they occur.
pinkeye 4 years ago The show hopefully would deal all these sensitive issues in a proper manner unlike most of the other balaji shows. They are expert in making mockery of most things. Hope not with this concept which surely looks hatke on paper. Must admit, gutsy decision on actor's part to play this kind of role. Always followed most of Iqbal Khan's shows till date, looking forward to this one too.2015-11-01 10:45:32
MrDarcyfan 4 years ago I checked this show out on a lark, coz I heard it's about a spy. Also I used to watch Reporters! This show is so far very addictive. Loving the pace and I just hope they do justice to this sensitive and risky plot! Iqbal Khan this is my first experience of your acting and so far I am happy!
GinaSays 4 years ago PKHJD is a breath of fresh air from the current saas-bahu-aur-supernatural dramas on TV right now. It has everything, a daring plot, power-packed actors as the lead and an awesome ensemble cast! Kudos to Ekta Kapoor & Balaji Telefilms. Mona-Iqbal you both are amazing actors, look good on-screen & enough of a reason to get hooked onto this show.
Fantasia. 4 years ago You have been wonderful till now! A CLASS acting!!
HIDEnSEEK06 4 years ago I m loving Pyar ko ho jaane do.
Love u Iqbal Khan Heart
Misnomer 4 years ago High hopes from this show
hope it comes out well as they have planned
Iqbal Khan n Mona Singh Have done a fabulous job in their respective roles ...
wishing all the luck to the cast and crew of Pyaar ko ho jane do ..
Az07 4 years ago Iqbal Khan & Mona Jaswir Singh u both are doing an amazing job in PKHJD
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