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'My body and look is the same as it was 10 years back' -Sandeep Rajora

The tall and well-built model and actor Sandeep Rajora talks of his fitness mantra and the steps he takes to keep his body as well as mind fit...

Published: Sunday,Sep 28, 2008 10:35 AM GMT-06:00
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What is your fitness mantra?
My fitness mantra is to think positive and work hard.

How many days in a week do you hit the gym?
I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and work out for at least one and half hours.

How do you get dressed up for your gym?
I gym in V3.

Any other specific routine you have to keep yourself fit?
I play Squash regularly and even won the Squash Tournament organized by Gold Gym recently. Playing squash is similar to doing Cardio exercises. Also, I make it a point to jog on the beach regularly.
What does your eating routine consist of?
Well, I follow a simple philosophy while eating food. I eat breakfast like a King, follow it up with a rich man's lunch and end my day with a poor man's dinner. 

Are you diet conscious?
Very much, as I believe that whatever you eat is what you are.

How were you in your college days and now?
My friends always tell me that I have not changed a bit from my college days. My body and my look is the same as I was 10 years back. And to tell you, all is because of my workouts that I am able to keep this level of fitness in body and mind.

Any particular routine in workouts that you follow?
I don’t follow any particular routine. I like to break the routine as it become very monotonous at times. If I concentrate on the body part exercises for 2 weeks, then I go for dance in the gym or play squash for the next 2 weeks.

Do you have a dietitian or an instructor to maintain your fitness?
Not usually, but yes whenever I feel like, I go to an instructor.

How important to you is keeping fit?
As an actor and model, look is the most important attribute; but apart from the profession, it is your health that needs enough attention. So staying fit is absolutely essential. In fact, I even quit smoking recently and now I advice people to do the same.

A message to your fans to be fit and fine...
Be sincere to you body because it is the best thing that you can ever have.

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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riya5 14 years ago Wow.. His looks r killing man.. Has maintained himself so well.. He is the most hottest actor around .. so tall so muscular.. wat a personality :) Sandeep u r ULTIMATE.. :-)
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radhika_21 14 years ago thanx!
he was gr8 in kareena kareena!
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Jenifer. 14 years ago he gives some pretty good advice like quit smoking and look after your body.
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eshaaax3. 14 years ago thx, where did i see him before?? think it was on zee .. oh yeah something kalled kareena kareena..
nice article
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..-Kaju-.. 14 years ago awwh i loveee himmm!
He too cutee..And hes about the only actor tht hasnt put on weight after they disapper for a while
gd article
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sournsweet 14 years ago Sandeep Rajora!!...I was heads over heels in luv wid him once...ven he was in Kareena Kareena, he is like reallly really cute...n hes rite...he hasnt changed at all in all dese yrs, veder it was kahani or kareena kareena, or i HAV Cn sum pics of him of b4 dat and he luks just as he luks nw!!...
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sumonetolub 14 years ago awwww hes so cute.........ive loved him since kareena kareena and kkusum.......naina
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