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'My biggest inspiration is my mother' - Rubina Balaik

The new face to television, Rubina Balaik who plays the protagonist in Chhoti Bahu faces her set of Rapid Fires this week...

Published: Saturday,Jan 17, 2009 08:22 AM GMT-07:00
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My biggest inspiration is my mother - Rubina Balaik
Describe your self in one word: I am a versatile person and can do anything.
Your Most Memorable Birthday: Every birthday is memorable for me, but my most memorable one was last year on 26th August as that day was my first day of shoot for Choti Bhau.
Your Best Friend is: Misha, she is my best friend from childhood.
What kind of music do you like: I like all kinds of music. I listen to all songs of Arabic and Indian. Basically I am a dancer, so I like to listen to dancing numbers the most.
Favorite Actor in Bollywood: No one, I don't know anyone as I don't watch movies and television much.
Favorite Cartoon Character: Tom and Jerry, especially Jerry as I love his character.
Last Movie you watched: Dostana.
Philosophy of life: Nothing is good or bad, its all in our mind. Good and bad is based on our thinking.
My Inspiration: My Mother
One thing you want to change about yourself: Nothing, I think I am perfect.
Your Ideal Partner: My partner should have few qualities in him, which is he should be sensible and sincere.
Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair
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Riya777 @Riya777 14 years ago Big contrast between Rubina and Radhika...and ya I dont hink anyone should even remotely think they are perfect...kinda snobby don''t you think??

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Tanu @BilliCat 14 years ago i feel she is jus d oposite of radhika wit al sort of superiority complex..am perfect..i jus hate tht line...
nyways ses lukin beatiful in d pic...
may b vishakha wil b nic in off screen ..lols..may b in real life their characteris jus d oppo of d shows :D
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lina @Lina400 14 years ago I think iam perfect that statment makes u imperfect, what a statment. perfect my foot
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kanhaiyadas @kanhaiyadas 14 years ago The only reason I used to see this show is to see how Krsna eventually tests and protects HIS devotee (Radhika). I used to think that this is a serial produced and played by some devotees of Lord Krsna - well I just saw a youtube Choti Bahu success party and after seeing this I don''t think that is true. To me this was the only show which made sense. But after seeing who is behind this and what they are doing behind the scenes, i totally change my mind. Drinking, smoking, and do all kind of nonsense in the name of Lord Krsna....?? what''s up with that....? Overall I see Rubina as Radhika ... and not just like her as my younger sister but adore her - in real life I could stand by her to protect her from any hardships.... the reason is that she is doing such a great act being a devotee of Krsna that I almost cry seeing her patience.... I hope she becomes Krsna''s real devotee and simply live under the protection of Krsna... Rubina, if you are reading this.... please become a Krsna devotee... that''s your unseen brother''s advise....
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ravjot singh kalra @gurnur 14 years ago hello rubina dee dee aap bhaut sweet hai
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Ria @swordfishh 14 years ago Whats her name once and for all??
Rubina Balaik? Rubina Dilaik? Runina Dilaik? or Rubina Baig??
I have read articles with all versions of her name and I am really curious to know what her real name is!!
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Najmah @Fallen-Angel 14 years ago Rubina''s looking really nice in the pic.
Thanx alot!!
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Shruti @shruti 14 years ago Rubina looks beautiful in the pic. Tom & Jerry are one of my fav cartoon characters!!
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Devashree @devashree_h 14 years ago Thanks.

Ohh she is a dancer !! And she doesnt watch many movies. Surprising! Liked her Philosophy.
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purplestar22 @purplestar22 14 years ago cute but she shouldnt think shes perfect nobody is perfect!!
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