Musical Reality Shows of the Week : Critical Analysis

Some brilliant performances, but with a contract in the general ambience in both shows; while one made the viewers wanting 'Some more', the bad vibes in the other left viewers crying 'No more'...

The week saw the starting of Zee SaReGaMaPa L‘il Champs International studio rounds. The show took off brilliantly with some great song selections, brilliant performances, constructive and very fair judgments, good hosting and a very positive ambience full of innocence, fun and frolic, that befits a children’s show. The kids gave astounding performances.

Tough songs were rendered so effortlessly by some of these little kids leaving the viewers totally spellbound and turned into a judges’ nightmare to select the final 14 from the short listed 25 talented contestants. The performances of the Indian contestants were of such superior quality that the International participants stood absolutely no chance to match it up and all of them got eliminated. The title - “L‘il Champs International” now seems like a misnomer. It is still not very clear to viewers if more participants, who were supposed to join this week as mentioned by Aditya last week, would be joining at a later stage. If that is the case, then the question that arises is – how fair will it be to the contestants who got eliminated so far? Worth mentioning is the way the two eminent judges are handling the kids in this show,providing them all the required encouragement in a very subtle, simplified and playful way, without demoralizing the little ones. However, how far these little contestants are able to understand the technical aspects explained by the judges’ only time can tell, but yes, it could prove very educative for the viewers as well.

This week in SVOI, Irfan got eliminated becoming yet another victim of the fallacy of public voting or to be precise – of the regional voting. Irfan was at the top as far as the “Rest of India” votes were concerned, but after the addition of the votes from the respective home regions of the contestants, he was found to be at the very bottom. Alka's reply to one of the members from the audience citing that the show has some rules and "Usools" when she questioned if Toshi, Abbhas and Priyani could be brought back, then why not Irfan, seemed quite unpalatable as far as this show is concerned. Does the show have any set rules in the first place? The thing that one member from the audience felt as being unfair, was probably the general sentiment of all the viewers. The sliding TRP's of the show even though it has reached its climax stage, is the prime testimony to this fact.

If the new judges of SaReGaMaPa showed exemplary behavior, it was just the opposite in SVOI. The tug of words between Prithvi and Agni judges were unfortunate. But worse was the way they were pitting one contestant against the other without realizing that by doing so, they may end up demoralizing the contestants at this stage. The attack on Ishmeet by Lalit, almost blaming Ishmeet for the elimination of other contestants like Irfan and Priyani, was uncalled for. When the decision is left on the audience to decide, why is it that every time they blame a contestant for getting support from his region? On Friday, Shekhar with his mistimed jokes, and judges with their favoritism for Harshit when they were asked to choose between Harshit and Irfan seemed very insensitive towards Irfan. The creative team of SVOI seems to be getting short on ideas too. It was awesome hearing the stringed instruments, and the orchestra really did a wonderful job. But again, this reminded of the very same theme and stage setup of the rival channel show. Even the drama's being done on the sets involving the celebrity guests seems too far from original.

The fabulous performances of the participants in SVOI got overshadowed by the negativity and verbal wrestling between the judges. It left a very bitter taste. On the other hand the positive, balanced and fair approach of the judges in SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs managed to brighten up the viewers' faces watching such simple childlike innocence, thus making the great performances enjoyable even more. This little kids’ show is now setting an example for all the reality shows as to how fun can be brought into the sets without any unnecessary drama, thus making it more positive and viewer friendly.

Author: Barnali

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.

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Anything to Everything can happen in this show called VOI.

The way things have taken shape till now I have doubts if Lataji will be there as judge whose ratings would be taken. You never know we may find Lataji has been brought there just to hand over the trophy. IT CAN HAPPEN!!! :)

As far as judges are concerned. I think words would fall short to appreciate such great people.

I have just one question for the whole team there be it the producers, channel house, Director, judges or the host : Do you all have any responsibility towards the contestants??? They are playing with the career of these contestants.

I seriously hope this team don't go ahead with the kids show. If they do the same with those kids it would be the worse thing that can happen.

16 years ago

Right on the money! The SVOI judges are so biased and make comments that are so hurtful to some of the participants. I suppose they think that they can influence public voting by siding with some singers. I think it backfires as people see right through them. Look at what the public reaction has been to Abhijeet's attacks on Ishmeet.While I think that he is the weakest of all singers left on the show (including Irfan), I cannot condone what some of the judges say about him in snide underhanded ways.

I hope Lataji picks the winner with no input from these judges or the public. That will probably not happen for they are not going to forgo the public voting revenues.

16 years ago

Regarding SVOI siding a contestant, I think the major culprit there is Shaan's script,Every week he is the one asking who do you trhink will be in Chakravath, who do you think should stay. Why ask such insensitive questions in the fiorst place. A judge showing favoritism is bad, so is a hosts asking such silly questions.

16 years ago

Saregamapa lil champs rocks!!!!

Sonu Nigam & Suresh Wadkar are handling the kids with lot of sensitivity which is really commendable.

16 years ago

I thought SVOI wud be a different show where the real talent will get the recognition. But sadly, Even this show turned out be a disaster. Its just not right to blame the viewers for Irfan's elimination wen the judges themselves are biased and partial.

I still dont understand as to why they picked 3 wild card entries. Isnt it unfair to the top 4. And becos of this stupid decision, the talented singers are getting eliminated.

I really want to ask the show producers, Is this a Reality show or some publicity making show. Wats the need for them to create such a hype for Toshi. I dont really agree tat Toshi is the best singer and Y is tat Judges always praise him as if he is some 8th wonder.

Coming to Irfan's elimination, This is the most shocking elimination in VOI. I never expected tat judges will be soooooooooo biased with the contestants. And they are supporting Harshit!!! Harshit has never showed any impovement, He just got stagnated at the same level since the beginning. And more over, his performances were bad in the past few eppys. Then how can the Judges support Harshit and not Irfan?

As my frnd says, The judges really behaved as if Irfan is some stranger or a step child. He definitely didnt deserve to be eliminated. He has become the scape goat becos of this unncessary drama.

Iam sooooooo not going to watch VOI from now on. Iam just waiting for the finals to see Irfan singing once more.

My request to the production team: Please change the judges. They are all dramabaazis and no stuff at all.

Thanks for the article Barnali.

16 years ago

Good article Barnalidi, yup, for SRGMP Lil Champs, I found that either there were some who were really good or really not very good... it really differs though, but i hope all of them take sur very seriously... thanks for the article!

16 years ago

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16 years ago

Irfan got such a stepmotherly treatment from the judges on Friday....!!Poor guy...he was really good and a strong contender for the title!!

16 years ago

This was your your best article Didi. Simply awesome. You blasted VOI, and all your points were BULLS EYE. Although I don't watch the joker show, but I watch the performances of the contestants on youtube. I really feel sorry for these brilliant singers. I personally feel that GS is the dumbest director of any reality show ever. He does not have any fresh ideas, and always carried himself by putting the gun on his assistant director's shoulders. He is totally lost without the support and backing from the likes of Gyan Sahay (present director of SRGMP). No wonder Zee literally kicked him out. I am sure it will not be long before he gets a kick from Star too.

This show is a comedy of errors. The contestants are performing like professionals, the mentors are behaving like sadak chap gunda's, the director is acting like a dramebaaz copycat monkey, and some of the guest judges are acting like idiots.

On the other hand Lil Champs was a DELIGHT. Fantastic, extremely adorable, cute singing contestants. Very honest, down to earth, loving, encouraging behavior from the perfect judges, and awesome overall set up of the show. I am sure it will touch the hearts of the music loving audience, and will get a very high TRP ranking in the coming weeks.

16 years ago

Yes, the two shows were a total contrast. While in one the judges were so understanding in the other one, they behaved like lil children. Lalit , the way he took off on Ishmeet was really too much.He literally held Ishmeet responsible.The judges were totally insensitive towards Irfan .Sekhar Suman is the worst judge ever! That man loves his own voice and has no idea which jokes is OK where. Some of his wisecracks were so mistimed!The participants really performed well and their song selections also was pretty goodIts just the judges and their kiddish acts, and Gaj ji's unplanned format that has cuased this show to be the biggest puzzle ever.

On the other hand the LIl champs was mindblowing ! That little kid playing table tabla,the little exchanges with the participants and such great performances was totally cute and sweet.

16 years ago

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