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Music Review: NH10

Comprising of six songs in total, the latest new music release of Bollywood - NH10, has variety.


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After a successful stint in P.K. (2014), Anushka Sharma is back, and with a bang! She is all slated to wow her loyal fanbase with her maiden production venture, NH10, where she will be starring alongside newcomer Neil Bhoopalam and Darshan Kumar; the latter who rose to fame with his role in Omung Kumar's Mary Kom (2014). The movie has been co-produced by Phantom Films (best known for producing critically acclaimed films like Hasee Toh Phasee (2014) and Queen (2014)), and directed by Navdeep Singh, who is widely known for his highly successful directorial debut, Manorama: 6 Feet Under (2007).

Comprising of six songs in total, the latest new music release of Bollywood - NH10, has variety. The album has

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more music directors than it has songs; namely, Sanjeev Darshan, Bann Chakraborty, Ayush Shrestha, Savera Mehta, Samira Koppikar. Slated to release on 13th March, lets take an individual look at the tracks of the music album of this social thriller which marks Anushka Sharma's debut as a producer in Bollywood.
The album opens with "Chhil Gaye Naina", the Sanjeev Darshan composition which is the most publicized in the film's promotions. Sung by Kanika Kapoor and Dipanshu Pandit, however, it tries too hard to be hard-hitting with its strong grunge elements and sufiana lyrics, but does not quite make the mark. However, it is good to hear Kanika Kapoor sing something else than an item number.

Next up in the album is the male version of "Le Chal Mujhe". The blues track is one of the most flat songs of the album. The magic of the excellent singer Mohit Chauhan cannot be felt anywhere in this variant, and the blame lies solely with the composer, Bann Chakraborty. The music composition is not compatible with singer's voice and overpowers it at many places.

In the soothing voices of Nayantara Bhatkal and Savera Mehta, "Main Jo", composed by Ayush Shreshta and Savera Mehta is a light hearted romantic song, which essentially completes a Bollywood album. It has soft country music vibes to it, but coming out on the heels of "Char Kadam" from P.K. (2014), it loses points for its lack of originality.

The effervescent Neeti Mohan shines in the next song of the album, "Le Chal Mujhe", in which she lent her voice along with Mohit Chauhan. The jazzy music by Bann Chakraborty makes the song an endearing and spunkier version of "Le Chal Mujhe". However, one does realise that the chorus could have been done away with for something better.

Composed and sung by Samira Koppikar, "Maati ka Palang" steals your heart away. Its lyrics, composition, vocals, and everything else works in harmony for this track and gives it a hauntingly lasting feel. The combination of folk music with guitar, fusion of sitar and tabla in the composition, lovely voice with rustic quality, this situational song stands out of the entire album, and is definitely a must listen.

Sanjeev Darshan's "Le Chal Mujhe" comes with a female variation to it. The fortunate case of the correct singer, Shilpa Rao's voice has an elemental quality that suits this soft jazz-blues arrangement and surpasses her male counterpart's rendition by leaps and bounds. 

Next up in the album is Savera Mehta and Ayush Shreshta's "Kya Karein". Easily the most laid back song of the album, this short piece thrives on the touching soft voice of the talented Rachel Varghese and an interesting violin composition to boot.

The album comes to a close with a a reprised version of Bann Chakraborty's "Le Chal Mujhe". This jazzy-piano reprise version of the most repeated song of the album can be termed as the best of the lot, and the credit goes to fine texture of Arijit Singh's voice.

With uninspired lyrics and songs that are more forgettable than memorable, this album won't be missed if it does not make it to your collection. The tempo and feel of the music does not offer any interesting variations. Yes, it boasts of grunge, rock,  jazz & blues, folk and fusion arrangement, but still it feels tepid to the ears. Only the reprise version of the most repeated song of the album, "Le Chal Mujhe"is the one stays with you, while "Maati ka Palang" is a close second. For the lovers of slow music who don't mind repetition of lyrics in a song however, this album hits the bulls eye. 

We at BollyCurry rate this album 2 stars, and wish Anushka Sharma and Phantom Films all the very best for their upcoming venture. How would you rate the album, and which was your favorite song? Leave your comments in the comment box below!

Author: Anamika GK.
Editor(s): Ritchelle C. and Hershi J.
Graphics: Komal P. 

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