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Murli to call off his marriage in Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo?

Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo will see Murli taking the drastic step of calling off his marriage..

Imagine's Baba Aiso Varr Dhundo, produced by Raakesh Paswan and Nikhil Sinha has seen a lot of drama with the marriage of Murli (Vikrant Massey) and Bharti (Juhi Aslam). And now even before the show completes its 50 episodes, we see the dramatic twist of the marriage not working out. The recent promos suggest that the mood is intense, and Murli seems to have had enough of Bharti. He is in a mood of call off the wedding, and this is what he conveys to Bharti in the coming episodes.

A source tells us, "Soon Murli will get frustrated with the ongoing drama happening in the family after their wedding. Murli had sacrificed for the sake of his family's happiness and accepted to marry Bharti. But the differences in the height and other situational problems have lead to Murli getting irritated. He will announce to Bharti  that their relationship is null and void".

Elaborating on the further track, our khabroo goes on, "Murli and Bharti both agree with the decision, but they decide to stay mum till Murli's sister Veena gets married. Eventually, Bharti states that she will move out of Murli's life once his sister ties the knot."

We hear that there will be an interesting twist coming which will make it very tough for the protagonists to part from each other!!

We contacted Vikrant Massey who confirmed, "Yes, soon Murli will call off his relationship, as he is very frustrated with the happenings. But there is going to be a major twist which will further shape up the story."

Keep watching the space to know abut the further developments in Bharti and Murli's life!

Reporter : Srividya Rajesh , Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author: Tejashree Bhopatkar


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big_vikrant_fan 9 years ago i think whats going on is absolutely any guy will react like this in such a situation. murli now is too frustrated by his desicion but as and as the show will proceed murli will find himself falling for bharti and that part will be really intersting and heart warming to see.
till then i dont think we shuld curse murli coz any normal guy wuld react the same way as he is. he is no god to accept something which he has never ever dreamt of.
the fact is that indian soaps portray characters as god such that murlis character which is a normal young guy seems to be villainous in others eyes. but the fact is that murli is the exact replica of a common guy so its better we understand him like that and give him time to understand bharti better.2010-11-18 01:11:12
mazzhaych 9 years ago love this show bharti is sooo sweet so murli will end the marriage sad!
divinedivy 9 years ago lets not antagonise murli in this scenario.
.Vrish. 9 years ago What's w/ these people - marriage is just something like having lunch w/ a friend, or going to the mall together. Murli is this shameless that he doesn't mind using Bharti & her money until Veena is married, and then he & Bharti split?

Methinks the twist will be that Veena's fiance will be a villain who'll stand her up, and Murli & Bharti will be forced to stay together until that guy is reformed, and by that time, their whole relationship might have changed.
ghotalaz 9 years ago "there will be an interesting twist coming which will make it very tough for the protagonists to part from each other!!"
so there's nothing to worry about...
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