Multi-Talented Ganesh Hegde Rocks in Roobaroo this week

A True Rockstar he is, as Ganesh Hegde builds the much-needed confidence in the contestants' minds, as they strive harder to reach their Goal!

It is Surely the Talk of the Town! Roobaroo on Thursdays which kicked off as a casual Chit chat between the host Mini Mathur and the contestants, quickly crept up on the Popularity Charts of viewers and today we look forward to lots of fun and laughter in Roobaroo with every passing week.

If the previous week saw Riteish Deshmukh enjoying with the contestants, this week is Ganesh Hegde’s turn to give a tip or two about performances to the contestants. His presence was a moment to cherish, as the Multi-talented Ganesh Hegde fine-tuned the performing skills of the contestants, thus helping them to cope better with the pressures of having to sing and perform while meeting all their other commitments and shows in various cities.



A Master who sings, dances and choreographs with great expertise and skill, Ganesh Hegde looked a ‘True Rockstar; on stage. Ankita the ‘Star Performer’ herself expressed her fears about performing while singing and Ganesh put aside her fears with ease and made her feel moer confident. To the self-proclaimed Non-dancer Meiyang Chang, Hegde demonstrated dance steps that Chang is not likely to forget ever! Not just that, he sang, danced and even shook a leg with each contestant.

Instrumental in lifting up the spirits of the contestants, Ganesh Hegde convinced one and all that there could not have been a more appropriate guest on the show! What’s more! The joy and excitement of the contestants reached the pinnacle when Mini presented them with a larger than life gift..

Do not miss this episode of Roobaroo on Thursday at 9.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (24)

Wow yaar can't w8 to see...
chang is looking such a shonu
thankssss alot 4 article.

16 years ago

I LUVVVV GANESH HEGDE!!! Hez soo awesome...hez a really really good dancer, and I love his song and video for Main Deewana...PLUS, he is kinda HOT!!!!

16 years ago

omg my ganesh iz cumin yipeeeeeeeeeeeee.. ahh i styl rememba wen i met him.. damnn sweet..!

16 years ago

i saw Abhisekh?? he bakk?...plz tell me yes he is

16 years ago

WoW cant wait to watch it ganesg looking good

16 years ago

can't wait!!
they all look nice =]

16 years ago

thts cool! we'll also c sum DANCE StePS!

16 years ago

How sweet, taht's the first time i'm seeing him :P thanks Sree di, cant wait to watch!

16 years ago

Ganesh has great hair! It think it is really sweet of him to spend time with the contestants, that picture of him and Chang is really darling!

~Lady Black~

16 years ago

yeah i cant wait to watch the episode, i love ganesh he is such a good dancer and a good singer...cant wait to watch the episode

16 years ago

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