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Mukesh Bhatt UPSET with the 'Union Budget 2017'

Mukesh Bhatt upset with the 'Union Budget 2017', says Film Industry was not even taken into consideration!


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The 'Union Budget 2017' presented by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has upset The ex president of 'The Film and Television Producers Guild of India', Mukesh Bhatt! The filmmaker shared his opinion on the budget saying that the 'budget' made 'Bollywood' feel like they don't exist!

He was quoted saying, "The Finance Minister did not even mention the film industry in his budget. They feel like we do not exist. They didn't even touch upon piracy which is impacting us in such a big way and also in turn affecting the government's revenue. We are saddened!" (sic)

He even spoke about why theatres are shutting down because of the low business. He said," The rampant dubbing of big Hollywood films in all regional languages, is also killing our industry. The government has not even considered providing tax incentives for those opening theatres in the country. In China, there are 16 theatres opening every month, but here, they are shutting down." (sic)

Talking about the 5% reduction in tax, he was quoted saying," What is the point of giving a 5% incentive? The small budget film industry doesn't have a chance to reach that mark because of the rampant piracy." (sic)

He concluded with expressing a strong concern about the industry and said," The industry is depleting and vanishing right before our eyes because they continue to ignore it. Soon it'll disappear." (sic)

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Mukesh Bhatt

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