MTV Splitsvilla X3: Shivam- Pallak become the first finalists of the show; Piyush- Avantika eliminated

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of MTV Splitsvilla X3.

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Popular dating reality show MTV Splitsvilla X3 is nearing it’s finale. The show got its top 5 couples last week consisting of couples namely Piyush-Avantika, Nikhil-Bhoomika, Sapna-Dhruv, Shivam- Pallak and Jay- Aditi.

In the upcoming episode, the splitsvillians were asked to name one girl who’ll become the ‘Pari of the Villa’ and will get an advantage in the upcoming task. The maximum votes go for Pallak and she gets an advantage in the upcoming challenge.

The challenge was to be played in two sections. The couple to perform the worst in the first section was to get evicted from the show. Pallak earns the advantage of getting into the semi-finale directly as she won maximum votes. The remaining four couples perform the task. Sapna-Dhruv perform the best followed by Jay-Aditi and Nikhil- Bhoomika. Piyush and Avantika gets evicted from the show.

The ‘Boombam’ gang gets excited for reaching until the semi-finale of the show. While they enjoy their win, a scroll comes and the contestants are called for a surprise semi-finale task.

The couples had to earn rings and had to aim the same in a jewel rod. Boombam gang uses strategy to help each other and target their rivals Dhruv and Sapna. The duo, however, gives a tough fight against the majority.

In the last section wherein the couples had to put the rings into the jewel rod, all couples find it extremely difficult. The first two couple to put back to back rings would win and become the finalists. After a little struggle, Pallak and Shivam manages to put the rings first and become the first finalist couple to qualify for the finale.

Now, it will be interesting to see who gets to be the second and the last couple to enter the finale race.

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