More About this Week's Nach Baliye...

It is the Props Round this week in Nach; Wanna get more insights on this week's happenings? Catch them all here..

The drama, masti & excitement continues on the biggest dance drama on Star Plus on Friday, November 1 and Saturday, November 2 @ 8 pm on your very own TV screen!

This time the jodis will nach literally on Farah Khan's isharaas. They will have to prove their mettle by grooving to SRK tunes with special props handpicked by Farah for them!

That's not all, on Friday, the Nach Baliye contestants will go all out to impress their celebrity judge Farah by doing a special dard- E -disco dance for her! Will the 5 male contestants match upto the great SRK in the song? Well, we'l just have to wait and watch won't we?

There was an interesting turn of events after Kashmera and Krushna performed on Nach Baliye this week. After they were showered by compliments by all the judges including Farah Khan & Deepika Padukone, Krushna took out a ring from his pocket & announced that it was for Kashmera! He said that he would put it on, only if his parents agreed. Ishaa however said that he should just put it on her fingers then and there "kyunki pyaar mein koi shartein nahi hoti!"

Saturday airs the 'tension-bharaa' elimination & reality episode which will expel another jodi from the running for the NACH BALIYE 3 TROPHY! That's not all!! Don't miss Manav Gohil & Rajeev Paul's electrifying performance!

So get ready to be a part of the tension, the apprehension and the nail-biting moments with your favorite stars! Tune in to Star Plus every Friday and Saturday at 8 pm for the all the excitement of Nach Baliye 3!

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Farah Khan

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Manav Gohil

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Rajev Paul

Comments (15)

i cant wait for this film!!
hope it releases soon!!

15 years ago

Thanx 4 the info.Will definitely watch it.

16 years ago

deepika has become object of promotion in every show..from Aneek to Hussain!!
what people do for their movies...

16 years ago

wow insint that gurl who was in om shanti om she is in it i really think shes pretty dont yu well i reall want to see it heyy there is a show on sharah one the jodies if som eone could tell me what it is and i wanna watch that when did it started i wanna watch it thanx if some one could tell me it waould ve really nice thanx

16 years ago

Husein toh looks like he's having fultoo mazaa.. And he's looking wowwwwwwww *sighhhh*

Deepika is looking very cute..very pretty..

Looking forward to the episode..

16 years ago

hahahhahah husein.......tina are you around?.......hes so sweet........hes always full of energy when hes dancing

16 years ago

This content is hidden.

16 years ago

hailllaa hussein..... your sooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.. every word is chota... but,. you my hunk :-D

16 years ago

Oooo..... The show is getting in more celebrities and Aamir looks great in that top.. Ooooo.... The other guys too.. Wow Husein back to form I see.. Claps

16 years ago

Hussain and Deepika are looking sooo cute 2gether!!

16 years ago

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