Morcha against Ekta's Never-ending Saas Bahu Sagas...

While Ekta Kapoor gears up to rock the audience with the Global Indian T.V Honours,the aam janta raises a protest outside her office in Andheri..Find out why...

Ekta Kapoor has been ruling Indian television with her daily soaps like Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kasauti Zindaggi Kay and many more for the last eight years.

The public, who had appreciated Ekta’s serials, are now a little fed up of the same melodrama. The same public was seen holding placards and wearing white t-shirts with imprints of Badlo Hindi Serials!, shouting slogans like “gali gali mein shor hai, saas bahu bor hai”, “kahaani ghar ghar ki, ab hui puraani”. The crowd seemed to be very unhappy with Ekta producing so many saas bahu dramas and is demanding that she stops making them.

We contacted Nibedita Basu, Balaji’s Creative Head to confirm the news she said, “I have absolutely no idea about any morcha taking place before the office. In fact I am standing outside the office right now and there is no commotion here.” Well, it may be that Nibedita missed the protest, but sources reveal that there was a huge gathering with cops present to handle the situation.

It looks like Ekta has to descend from her throne as the ruling queen of Indian Television, seeing that her followers are getting a little bored with the monotonous dramas. We’ll just have to wait and see how Ekta reacts to this.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Supriyo
Author: Melanie

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Good luck...Esha fatso needs to loose weight if she wishes to survive in this industry

16 years ago

What step-daughter.......No esha is dharmendra's own daughter from his marriage to hema malini........Hema malini is his second wife.....Thats not called step -daughter......step-daughter is when the child is not your own but that of your spouse n their that way u can call sunny deol n bobby deol as hema malini's step sons ........hehehe......!! I hope i didnt confuse anyone.....

As for the article........lolzz.....its all in the,producer, have all the fun !!.......And looks like no one else wants to sign esha deol........i personally wud never go to watch a muviee of hers.....lolzz.!!

16 years ago

dats cute n sweet and shows's the unity of their family.

16 years ago

yes yaar ahana and esha are his step daughters and bobby and sunny are his first wife
s son

16 years ago

how sweet ! good luck to them

am confused is esha Dharmendra's step daughter?

16 years ago

Just stop watching her shows. Even after soo many morcha's she has the TRP's and that's what keeps her going. If everyone decides to stop watching some particular saas bahu shows she will have to end it

16 years ago

wht is this ekta is making so dammm serials every 1 is fed up of her ....very boring serialsssssss... no 1 has interest to watch star plus serialsss...

16 years ago

thnk goodness fr tht....its seriously annoying to watch her poke fun at her own religion by showing several marrieages without divorces!!!!!

16 years ago

good! real indian dramas are basically dead, thanks to this same old saas-bahu's boring, lame, and pointless!

16 years ago

well i would say 'ye to hona hi tha'enough of dat old stories!

16 years ago

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