Monika Khanna opens up about mental health, technology, ambitions and dreams

Monika Khanna has an important message on the importance of mental health, technology, ambitions and dreams.

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Monika Khanna

Actress Monika Khanna, who was last seen in Durga Aur Charu, says that her journey into showbiz has been one which has naturally happened. She says that her family has always supported her.

“I think I unconsciously manifested in such a way that my family, and my parents truly supported me in choosing this career, which was quite surprising. Interestingly, my father didn't even ask me many questions, he just asked when I'd go and where I'd stay. It's been 14 years now in Mumbai. I hope that I've made them proud. But if parental support wasn't there, somewhere a child who goes through their one-fourth journey might end up losing. Because there are only a few people in this complex life whose selfless love exists, whose self-life support exists – they are your parents, and only a family can support you. And for those whose families can't support them, I just want to make a request to them to give them a chance once, I think they will change their passion into a career, and they will do wonders in their job eventually,” she says.

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The pressure of society and competition is such that everyone wants to be at the top in their profession, she says, adding, “Society and competition have become so intense nowadays that pressure is inevitable, whether it's in our industry or any other industry. But it depends on how you handle that pressure. You can either thrive in it or succumb to it. So now it depends on you. I have no experience in any other sector, but in my profession, I would recommend people only if something is not happening with you, have patience, and believe in yourself. Somewhere deep down, you know whether you are meant for this industry or not. If you are 100% sure that you have that spark to be in this industry and don't want to be a part of this beautiful industry, then just have patience, and just go for it. But if you haven't seen people who just don't want to be in that race, you have other options. So it also depends on your maturity how far you can take this pressure or because every individual wants to be number one at any point in their life, every person wants to be number one at least once. But whether you can reach there or around it depends on your state at this fine level. I think that pressure is there, and you should know how to deal with it. They need to be handled in very, very positive ways and there are also alternative ways to handle this pressure. The most stressful part is that because our industry is very unpredictable and uncertain, many times this question also comes to my mind. If not this, then what else? So, on the safe side, you should always have a plan B. Give you a permanent kind of side income that can never give you pressure that can never give you stress, wait for finance to financially fuel you.”

In the fast pace of life and technology no one is slowing down. But technology has its advantages as well, she says, “When it comes to technological advancement, I completely agree that the world is always moving forward. But for me, I want to keep up with technology's growth. I don't aim to compete with those who have millions of followers on social media or chase after that kind of success. I simply want to embrace the new technology that keeps emerging. I remember a time when there was no social media, and I can live without it. The ironic thing is that while I can live without these technologies, many people today can't imagine their lives without them. Nowadays, it feels like there's no peace. Everyone is glued to their phones, especially when I'm traveling. It's quite a sight to see everyone with their heads down, absorbed in their phones, creating a somewhat disheartening atmosphere. No one engages in conversations anymore. In the past, during train commutes or other forms of local transportation, people used to talk to each other. Strangers became friends, and it was a beautiful thing. But now, that rarely happens, and it's quite disturbing. So, getting back to my main point, technology is undoubtedly crucial for our industry, and I'm actively keeping myself updated with it. However, I don't want to be caught up in the competition for social media fame. That's not the main goal I aspire to achieve,” she adds.

Talking about her goals, she says, “I simply want to focus on my work, strive to produce quality shows, and approach my tasks with passion and integrity. If an opportunity arises, and if a potential blockbuster project comes my way, I would wholeheartedly invest my utmost effort into it. So, I prefer to concentrate on my work in the present rather than harbouring desires for quick success. I have not given any terms on my biggest goal.”

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