Ikk Kudi Punjab Di's Monika Khanna shares a tale of fraud after a car crash; urges caution

Monika Khanna, currently seen in Zee TV's show Ikk Kudi Punjab Di, took to her Instagram handle to narrate an incident of fraud.

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Monika Khanna
Monika Khanna. Image Courtesy: Monika Khanna's instagram

Monika Khanna, known for her roles in shows like Thapki Pyaar Ki and Pyaar Ka Dard Hai, is currently appearing on Zee TV's Ikk Kudi Punjab Di. She recently took to Instagram to share a troubling incident she experienced.

According to Monika, her car was crashed last night, causing damage to the bumper. Upon inspecting the situation, she found a driver and two girls in the car. Despite trying to explain, the driver blamed her, assuming she was at fault due to being a woman driver. The girls in the car requested to leave as they were running late, and their mother, Riya Merchande, assured Monika that she would cover all expenses and provided her phone number.

However, when Monika called the number later, there was no response. Even after promising to pay the expenses by evening, they failed to do so. Monika urges everyone to be cautious and not to trust others in such situations.

https://www.instagram.com/reel/C4NNX3Gyz8l/?igsh=am51a3BweXVkN3NkIkk Kudi Punjab Di's Monika Khanna shares a tale of fraud after a car crash; urges caution

Monika's co-star Avinesh Rekhi also shared her video on his Instagram stories. We hope Monika receives justice and compensation for the damage to her car.

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How has gender got anything to do with driving a car

2 months ago

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