Mona Singh gets a 'Rishta'..

Mona Singh, the host of Imagine's Shaadi 3 Crore Ki was in for a pleasant shock when one of the relatives of the bride saw an 'ideal bahu' in her...

Aisa toh suna hi hoga ki shaadi mein aye 'guest' ban ke,  aur ghar laute apna rishta leke. Something quite similar recently happened to our own Mona Singh.

Mona Singh who is presently busy playing host and dost on one of India's biggest wedding on television Shaadi 3 Crore Ki on Imagine received a proposal from the bride's family.

Our source tells us, "One of the bride's relatives who were present at the wedding was quite impressed by the beautiful, vibrant & lively Mona. They were also pleased to see the manner in which Mona participated in all the preparations & arrangements of the wedding and thought that she had all the qualities of an ideal bahu. And therefore came in the big proposal".

Will Mona accept the proposal or not? This is something that needs to be looked at..

Tune in to Imagine's Shaadi 3 Crore Ki from tonight at 9 PM...


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yipee 9 years ago lol i dont think she will accept it but achcha hai
-Khushi- 9 years ago hmmmm promotion for the show???well as far as i know she has a gud nature....
Ethereal-Path 9 years ago *sigh* seems another promotion strategy !!!
abhi786 9 years ago All these in promoting the show Shaadi 3 crore ki
blyton 9 years ago Who would NOT want to marry her? If I were a guy I would have wanted it too :P
Harp_95 9 years ago She's is beautiful!! Amazing actor, anchor and a dancer!!! Any guys would be very lucky to get her!!
Minion23 9 years ago any guy would want to marry her she is so fun and lively!!!
saraaa. 9 years ago I am not surprised that ANYONE likes her ... she has such a lively personality ... :)
pinkmermaid 9 years ago i used to like her as Jassi..and now when i see her anchoring reality shows,i not only like her but also i'm flattered by her beauty :)
thejazzgal 9 years ago whoaa!! mone!! she is best at her anchoring...
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