Mohit Malhotra: Mumbai is a city of dreams and dreams do indeed come true here

Mohit Malhotra says that while living in Mumbai comes at a cost, it might just be worth it.

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Mohit Malhotra

Mohit Malhotra says that while living in Mumbai comes at a cost, it might just be worth it. He says that the working culture here is great and dreams come true in this city.

“It is true that Mumbai is an expensive city. The cost of living is very high here, and one has to be financially strong to have a happy life here. Even though the taxes are much higher here than in other cities, I feel if you don't have a good financial background, it's tough for you to survive,” he says.

He adds, “Mumbai is a city of dreams, and dreams do indeed come true here. You are going to meet thousands of people who come here to study or to find good jobs. I believe once you get used to working in Mumbai’s professional atmosphere, then you can work anywhere else. You can't deny the fact that this city has a lot of energy and professionalism. This makes it a perfect place to work and grow.”

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Talking about the pros and cons of staying in Mumbai, he says, “Honestly, just like other cities, Mumbai too has some pros and cons. Life is challenging here, either you choose to struggle, hustle and grow and live a standard life or you just become a part of the rat race. By that, I mean that everyone is trying to achieve something or another in this city, but luck also plays a major role sometimes. So talking about the pros, Mumbai is full of opportunities, you just have to step out of your comfort zone and search where you belong. When it comes to cons, I believe due to a huge population, their competition is very high here, so it gets really difficult to make a place in your field.”

He adds, “Mumbai is very safe for both males and females at night. It seems like the city never sleeps. I am sure that it is safer than other cities.”

Ask him what he feels should change here, and he says, “I think the rent and travelling cost is very expensive here. Overall it is very expensive to live a standard life here. Even cleanliness is a problem for the city and also the roads.”

He adds, “Also, the pace of this city is very fast. People are running here and there every time, they are always in a hurry as if they are missing something very crucial.”

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He is neither handsome nor a good actor

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I find Mohit ko overrated actor

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