Mohammad Nazim talks about his look and character for Colors show 'Udaan'

The actor will be seen in a negative role.


Mohammad Nazim is back on TV, this time in a negative avatar with the popular Colors show Udaan. Nazim is playing the character of Guman Singh there and says,"I had never thought of playing a negative role on screen, but when I got this role I felt this will be fun."

He further added, "Playing a negative shade always gives you a huge exposure and audience also gets hooked to it. In films and TV shows the viewers are always interested either in positive or negative roles. I am doing a TV show after a year so it has to be something special and unique. People have seen me as Aham in Saathiya and now Guman Singh is completely opposite. In the brief by the creative team I was told that Guman is a badshah and fearless like Allauddin Khilji. So I am keeping Ranveer Singh's portrayal of Khilji in my mind. It has been a couple of days since I have started shooting.

Speaking on the look he added, "It is a rowdy look. Guman wears Pathan suits and a lot of bangles on his wrist, finger rings and also has a beard. Guman is ruthless and treats women very badly and thinks they are his personal property. He speaks in a different dialect. I am trying to get used to the dialect and hopefully will manage in a few days. If required, I will get a tutor for myself.

Interestingly, actor Krrip Suri was also finalized to play this character. 

Nazim says, "I was unaware of this but I believe this is a competitive industry and we all are here to work and create our own space. I am currently focused on my work.

Nazim has also put on weight in the last few months as he was getting prepared for Gama, a show which was supposed to be produced by Salman Khan. Nazim was supposed to play Gama's brother Imam Baksh. 

He adds,"Right now I have no clarity about it, but my physique is definitely coming handy in Guman Singh's role. I am excited and nervous to see my fans' reactions after they watch me in my villain's avatar.

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pchetana 2018-08-02T23:14:07Z He is a kind of villain Udaan needs
Hope there is no leap
amrutha131 2018-08-02T05:38:40Z Nazim is doing well as Ghuman Singh in Udaan
Ruby7 2018-08-02T04:58:48Z Thanks for sharing the Udaan article
Mohammad Nazim is playing Gumaan Singh well so far. Looking forward to see his scenes with Suraj Chakor and Vivaan
sumsukor 2018-08-02T04:46:35Z Welcome Mohammad Nasim... Wishing you a very best journey in udaan

Love Vijayendra kumeria and Meera Deosthale as sukor in Udaan...
nemo316 2018-08-02T04:01:10Z Welcome to Udaan Mohammad Nazim
katheriene 2018-08-02T03:59:54Z Hoping Ghuman brings some drama in Udaan. Love Vijayendra Kumeria & Meera Deosthale as Sukor
Shreeti.sukor 2018-08-02T03:56:34Z Hope to see you acing the stage in Udaan. Meera Deosthale and Vijayendra Kumeria rock.
amrutha131 2018-08-02T03:49:48Z He is doing good job as Ghuman in Udaan
Ritvikaa 2018-08-02T03:47:53Z Hope gumaan's character brings some interesting drama in Udaan.
Love Vijayendra kumeria and Meera Deosthale as sukor in Udaan
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