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Mithun Da's first elimination verdict..

Zee's Dance India Dance will see its first elimination this week. And Mithun Da's shocker of a decision stuns all...

Published: Friday,Feb 20, 2009 15:15 PM GMT-07:00
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Zee's Dance India Dance will see its first elimination this week, and Mahaguru Mithun Da's shocking decision left the Kolkata lad Subho Das in tears.

According to our source, "Mithun Da eliminated the only Bengali participant in the show, Subho Das this week. The result came as a stunner for little Subho as he had not even imagined in his wildest dreams that this elimination would have come about even before the show shaped up. He had not even displayed his full potential as a dancer".

A dejected Subho quips, "I am really feeling betrayed. I feel there were performers who were even worse than me. And Mithun Da, being a Bengali…how could he vote me out??".

Well, it is heard that Mithun Da after taking this major decision mulled over it for a while. "He was on a guilt trip seeing Subho crying and howling incessantly. For a moment even he was caught in a fix, of whether he took the right decision or not. But at the end of the day, one has got to follow the format of the show and move on… ", concludes our source.

Well, our empathies with Subho who failed to get brownie points from the fellow Bengali Grand Master..

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I luv Shamit
I luv Shamit 14 years ago he was soo cute LOl..and a great dancer..very bad decision(N)
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hindu4lyf 14 years ago LOVE this show to bits!!
Feel sorry for him and I did feel he wasn''t the worst dancer infact all of them are soo good!
I hope no other contestant brings any sort of regionalism in this though. No audience poll so I was hoping the regionalism wouldn''t exist but now contestants themselves are bringing such issues in?

By the way, how comes results are out already? :O
I just finished watching this on TV now lol. :S
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sweet_angel27 14 years ago What!!???!! wow this is a huge surprise!!!!! I didn''t expect him to be eliminated this early, he''s a good dancer, and I don''t like how Mithun is the only one taking a decision!
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andysah 14 years ago Mithunda to show his impartiality and unbiasedness has turned 180 degrees and possibly unfairly eliminated a good dancer. Granted Shubho is not the best but he is not the worst either. But lets see the next individual round and see if he is really bad. Also this is a show to find the best dancer not the best personality or the one who could be the biggest loser. So why carry some of them who are good but not great? But overall this show gets five out of five stars.
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Ezria_Fan_4ever 14 years ago shubo is an awesome dancer ya, totally crap decision
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mz.jess 14 years ago he was a great dancer, bt that bengali thing is too much
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josh2008 14 years ago a stunt definitely!! they will bring him back via some stupid wild card or something....
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kristie12 14 years ago now it would be interesting to see his drama......he is a good dancer but how can he say that Bengali thing.... I am not feeling sorry for him....
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mehak.S 14 years ago aww lets see how other performances r and mithu da cant take a wrong decision i f eel he is the grandmaster after all and subho thr is nothing lke bengali punjabi thing ..did is looking for shurely shubo will do realy well he is js 15 n he came upto here its a big achievement in itself..
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shruti 14 years ago Wish Subho all the best for his future!!
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